Rectory & Rhinelander Bldg

Vestry Meeting

April 19, 2010 Minutes

Rector Michael Phillips, Hal Barth, James Daubs, Jean Geater, Rob Ingraham, Suzanne Julig, Warden Steve Knight, Liz Poole, Alden Prouty, Carol Stevenson, Jim Synk, Warden Bea Tompkins, Susan Valdés-Dapena; Treasurer Rob Morton
Virginia Borland

Rector Michael Phillips called the meeting to order and led the Vestry in prayer.
Warden Steve Knight gave the spiritual reflection. Rob Ingraham will do so at the May meeting of the Vestry.
MOTION made and PASSED to approve the Minutes of the March meeting of the Vestry as revised.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Rob Morton reviewed the first quarter 2010 financials of the parish. MOTION made and PASSED to accept his report as submitted.
Rector Michael Phillips led a discussion of how to pay Holy Trinity’s Diocesan assessment arrears of nearly $79,000. Half is due by December 31, 2011 and the other half by December 31, 2012. If the parish is willing, 100 people could pledge to pay $30 a month for 30 months to cover this expense. We could also apply any rentals of the sanctuary toward the debt and have an Assessment Party to raise additional funds. These ideas will be presented to the parish for their comments and reaction at the Vestry Town Halls on April 25, 2010 at 11:30 A.M. and 7:00 P.M.


Property—Rob Ingraham presented a detailed report, which is attached for your review.

Newcomers/Membership Development—Jim Synk told the Vestry that the task force has two short-term goals for the year: trying for a higher rate of conversion of drop-in visitors (turning them into regular, pledging members of the church) and to draw new people to Holy Trinity. He reviewed the action items for achieving these goals as well as the longer-term strategy. The group will meet again on May 20.

Neighborhood Ministries—Liz Poole stated that the HTNC fundraiser, a concert by The University Glee Club, will be on Monday, May 24. As HTNC Board Chair, Michael received a letter stating that HTNC has been awarded a grant of $15,000 for the Neighborhood Supper from the office of State Senator Liz Krueger. We have completed the latest round of paperwork so it looks like we will receive the funds. Michael reported that the group Muslims Against Hunger wants to volunteer at the Neighborhood Supper on the 4th Saturday, every other month. They’ll serve six times a year and three of those times they will provide the food. We need to involve some parishioners on those Saturdays, as well, to create an ecumenical Neighborhood Supper team.

Pledge Campaign—Steve and Jim stated that the committee will meet in June. Jean Geater volunteered to serve on this committee.

Adult Christian Education (ACE)—Carol Stevenson announced that the content of the ACE programs is great and the attendance is less so. The committee’s goal is to increase attendance.

Communications—Rob said the first issue of Triptych is just about ready for mailing. Subsequent issues will be available online and in church—not mailed to individual parishioners. Design work on materials for the vitrine is on-going. There is a need to streamline the projects so they get completed on a more timely basis. The next committee meeting will be in late May.

Carpenter's Kids—Susan Valdés-Dapena reported that we made our payment for 2010 and have a great start on funds for the 2011 payment. She suggested that we take half of these extra funds and purchase a cow, whose milk will enrich the breakfasts of the Carpenter's Kids in Chitelela sponsored by Holy Trinity parishioners. Susan has been assured by people there that this is a very desirable gift that is also manageable. The remainder of the funds will be put toward the 2011 payment. MOTION made and PASSED to apply some funds to securing a cow for the children in Chitelela.

Children/Youth—Suzanne Julig made flyers advertising tours of Holy Trinity on May 1 and May 8, 2010, and put them in the Easter egg hunt bags that were given to all the children in church on Easter. She is hoping some of the families will return for the tours.

Hospitality—Hal mentioned that committee members Inez Lambert and Jackie Price would like cloth towels and pot-holders for the downstairs kitchen. There will be an announcement in the bulletin asking for donations of these items. Michael asked Hal to remind Inez and Jackie that the next event is the brunch on Trinity Sunday, May 30.

Wardens' Report

Steve asked that all Vestry members plan to attend a Town Hall meeting on Sunday, April 25— either the one at about 11:30 A.M.or the one at approximately 7:00 P.M. The meetings will feature a plan to pay our arrears, plus questions and answers. The agenda and roles are as follows:
11:30—Michael explains what the Diocese does and what the assessment is for. Bea talks about why paying the assessment is so important. Jim presents the payment plan idea: 100 people x $30 for 30 months.
7:00—Michael explains what the Diocese does and what the assessment is for. Steve talks about why paying the assessment is so important. Jean presents the payment plan idea: 100 people x $30 for 30 months.

There will be a Church of the Holy Trinity table at MayFair on Saturday, May 1. Volunteers are needed to cover shifts from noon until 6:00 P.M. Jim volunteered to take a shift. Vestry members were asked to please email Michael about what time they would be available to help.

Rector's Report

Minister of Music Stephen Hamilton—Stephen has told Michael that his chosen date of retirement is June 30, 2011. Michael said we will need to plan a nice farewell as a thank you and to show our appreciation for his 20 years of service.

Diocesan Assessment—Michael distributed a handout showing what the assessment monies pay for, with line items and dollar amounts in four categories.

Stephanie Shockley's Ordination—This event will take place on June 19 in Stephanie's home parish of Trenton, NJ. She will celebrate her first Eucharist as a priest at Holy Trinity on June 20.

Lilly Fellow Update—There are 9 candidates at this point. The committee will narrow their selection down and invite two people here for a tour and familiarization with Holy Trinity. They'll select a candidate after that. The person will start working with us this summer.

Youth Trips—The Trinity Choristers will be singing at Michael's former parish on Mother's Day and doing a walk across the Hudson the day before. There will also be a 5-day Youth Mission trip which Parishioner Dan Shockley is helping to organize.


Painting in the Carillon Room—A CONDITIONAL RESOLUTION was MADE and PASSED that the Rector and Wardens will investigate the origins of a donated painting that is currently stored upstairs in the church. If there are no objections or obstacles, they will pursue selling it with Suzanne’s help.

Wednesday evening ACE—Steve announced that there will be two Wednesday evening programs focused on the environment, one about coyotes and one on the church's involvement in environmental issues.

Farmworkers Bill— Susan stated that on May 20th at 6:30 P.M., at Holy Trinity, the Faith Leaders for Environmental Justice will present an important forum on the New York State Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act, an un-passed state bill designed to give farmworkers fair labor protections. Holy Trinity has supported this bill, through involvement with Rural & Migrant Ministry and Justice for Farmworkers Campaign. This forum is intended to bring together farmworkers and their advocates with small farmers, especially those from the Northeast Organic Farmers Association, who have opposed the bill. The goal is to try to achieve agreement on a piece of legislation that will protect the rights of farmworkers and, at the same time, not endanger the livelihoods of small farmers. Holy Trinity is one of the sponsors of this event. Susan urges all Vestry members to come and to pass the word.


Next Regular Vestry Meeting—Monday, May 17 at 7:00 P.M. in the Choir Room.
There being no further business to come before the Vestry, MOTION made and PASSED to adjourn.
Michael closed the meeting with a prayer.
Respectfully submitted, Liz Poole, Clerk


Property Committee Report prepared by Rob Ingraham

Condition report from tour w/Franny Eberhart
• Transept above the organ. Work scheduled to being this week. Contractor (Stiller & Peavey) will re-point and cap the molding joints with lead on the roof outside. Water is getting in along the slant of the roof to the left of organ. Plaster is falling down on organ; with an expensive organ renovation on the calendar this must be completed before the renovation begins. Need details of when organ renovation is scheduled (beginning, end, timeframe etc.) Organ expert coming from Austria first week in May to inspect.
• Broken heating oil pipe outside on sidewalk. Sidewalk grate can lifted, oil is pooling. Clearly a mess. Sidewalk will need to be opened up. No info yet on who can do this sort of work; oil delivery companies don't do this and Arold has had no luck in finding someone, but it needs to be taken care of before the next heating season. No deliveries since the break but this is urgent.
• Kitchen in 4th floor apartment of Christopher House, near a circular vent on ceiling of kitchen; not crucial but will get worse with more rain. Should be taken care of ASAP. Relatively simple patch job. No estimates yet.
• Tower Room/Carrilon: Water leaks from roof drains, steam leaking from radiator, mold abatement is the main problem. Mold must be cleaned up and surfaces repainted. Need some regular ventilation for the room; we have a fan, not sure if it works, but need to keep air circulating to prevent recurrence of mold. Water leaks need to be located precisely and repaired. No estimates yet on cost or who will do the work.
• There's also an oil painting in Tower Room, commissioned years ago for the church; last Rector didn't like it, stored it in the Tower Room. Must be placed somewhere else—steam leaks and mold will eventually ruin it and it might be worth something. Painter is Frank (?) Ernst, Borgnicht Gallery is apparently still in biz. Transfer to Rectory?
Water meter
• The NYC Environmental Control Board requires that we have a water usage meter installed and we're currently in violation. There's a meeting scheduled for May 11 to provide a judge with an update on our progress, but it doesn't seem to be a problem about getting another extension. There's no charge for usage as a non-profit but the new meter and installation will cost. No estimates yet. Sidaris Engineering doing engineering work. Stephen Murphy of Sidaris has plans all drawn up. Jim Iredell has a contractor lined up for the job, but we need to decide how much and when he can do it. Water main is next to kitchen in Draesel basement. Engineer also recommends (not required by city) a "backflow" device be installed, presumably for health reasons. No estimates yet on additional cost for this. Invoices and other info is on bulletin board of Erlinda’s office.
St Francis Walk
• Still needs to be replaced. Money is apparently dedicated, but contractor (Mikail?) should be given a chance to re-bid the project as it’s been a year since the project was first proposed. A sample of a rectangular, red brick path stone and a circular-shaped path stone are in the church office; just need to decide what it's going to be; color, size, shape, etc. and find a store that will deliver. Contractor will provide labor and sand (for drainage). Estimates around $11,000 to $15,000. As we have the money, probably should be done soon, before someone trips on it. Bridge Lumber in the Bronx might be able to deliver stones. Contract will tell us how many we'll need, when he can do it.
• CHT's Property Preservation Trust is dedicated for Capital Projects, but some interest income can be use for general maintenance. Not clear on what. Water meter likely considered Capital.