Rectory & Rhinelander Bldg

Vestry Meeting

April 11, 2011


Present:  Rector The Rev. Michael Phillips, Lilly Fellow The Rev. R.C. Laird, David Jacobs, Virginia Borland, Suzanne Julig, Rob Ingraham, Lucy Dewart, Warden Steven Knight, Warden Jean Geater, Andrew Ogletree, Susan Valdes-Dapena, Alden Prouty, Marlin Mattson, Treasurer John Ewing, Clerk James Daubs.

Absent:  Hal Barth, Carol Haley

Guest: Yvonne O’Neal

  • Michael Phillips opened the meeting with a prayer.
  • With revisions, the March meeting minutes were unanimously approved.
  • Virginia Borland will provide the Spiritual Reflection for the May meeting.

Music Transition Survey:

R.C. Laird reported that the survey enjoyed a 60% response rate.  The Music Transition Committee will meet with the consultant after Easter, then with Michael. Michael will address the survey with the Vestry at the May meeting.

Rhinelander Volunteer Project:

R.C. reported that he had spoken with people at the Episcopal Service Corps, and that they were enthusiastic about the program.

Both R.C. and Michael reminded the Vestry that they had considered a plan for starting the program this summer (’11) without the previously-agreed on up-front investment.

Michael also spoke about several things connected with the RVP:

  • He is carefully considering the apartment situation in the Rhinelander House. The organ technicians will need an apartment from August through October.
  • In order to start the program this coming summer, the participating agencies will need to come up with the money a full fiscal year earlier than planned—Michael has not heard from all of them.
  • He will have more to say about the RVP in May.




R.C. talked about the decrepitude of our PA system and our telephone system.  For instance, we currently pay $550/month for our phone transfer system.  He thinks we can save $5000/year by bundling phone, PA, and Internet service together, though we would have to pay $4000 up front for VOIT. He will bring the VOIT proposal to the May meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:

John Ewing reviewed the series of e-mails he had previously sent to Vestry members, including (a) a first-quarter report, (b) a profit and loss statement, and (c) a budget.  John estimates that, unfortunately, CHT will probably experience a shortfall of $50-100K by the EOY, and that these funds will have to come from the General Fund.

John recommended further that CHT should maintain the “cash” rather than “accrual” accounting system for now.

Much discussion about the budget ensued, including a discussion of the comparatively large amount--$93K—spent annually on music.  There was also discussion about the advisability of keeping current with the Diocesan Assessment, with almost all Vestry members recommending that CHT do so.

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted by a unanimous vote.

Carpenter’s Kids:

Yvonne O’Neal and Susan Valdes-Dapena encouraged the Vestry to make pledges to CK, noting that pledges stand at $1370 at present—about halfway for the 50 children we would like to sponsor.  Yvonne summarized what pledge money is used for and talked of the unique partnership between the Diocese of New York and the Diocese of Central Tanganyika. She recommended that CHT renew its commitment to CK for 5 more years and that the church continue to support the 50 children we currently support.  The motion was approved by a unanimous vote.


  • New water meter installed, but CHT is being back-billed for violation.
  • There appears to be a building code issue connected with the new skylight for Draesel Hall.
  • St. Christopher House gymnasium: discussion about the debris. Should we hire a service to take away? Franny Eberhart knows of such a service. First, though, Rob, Franny, and Michael will speak with Lillian and Diane and give them a June due date for when the cleaning/sorting must be done.




Steve Knight reported that the Newcomers’ Brunch was a success, with 6 newcomers in attendance; he thanked Jim Synk for arranging it. The Companions program will recommence after Easter.



  • Andrew Ogletree reported that funds were at last received from our congresswoman,  Liz Krueger, and that HTNC has approximately $15K in the budget for the Neighborhood Supper.
  • The NY Choral Society will hold a benefit performance on May 12 with a reception afterward.
  • There may be a whiskey-tasting benefit in November.

Warden’s Report:

Jean Geater circulated a pledge reminder used by the Church of the Heavenly Rest and recommended that CHT adopt something similar. 


James Daubs reported that the Mystics series and the Metaphysical Poets series were successful.  The new Sunday morning offering—May 8, 15, and 22—will focus on Responses to 9/11. 


David Jacobs spoke of publicity efforts for MayFair and reported many successful placements.  David, along with Kevin Geptford, is also looking into improving/reviving E-Good News.


Lucy Dewart reported that she will begin participating in Sunday School  after Easter.


No report.


Virginia Borland reported that Suzanne Julig will be leading a Guided Tour of Chelsea Galleries on May 21.

Rector’s Report:

  • The summer performance of the New Amsterdam Singers will be locked into the church calendar regardless of the future directions the music program takes.
  • Pastoral Canvass:  the whole parish will be canvassed and every member given an opportunity to register certain medical information with the parish office (medications, primary care physician, and so forth).  A small team will be trained to administer the canvass.
  • After-School Program: the Rector and Wardens approved placing an ad in Big Apple Parent for May, June, and August at a cost of $1680.



The meeting was closed with a prayer.


Respectfully submitted,

James Daubs, Clerk