Rectory & Rhinelander Bldg

Vestry Meeting

April 16, 2012

Present:  Carol Haley, Jeanne Blazina, Warden Jean Geater, Rob Ingraham, Warden Dave Jacobs, Virginia Borland, Hal Barth, Rector the Rev. Michael Phillips, Susan Walker, Inez Lambert, Eddy Coston, Suzanne Julig, Marlin Mattson, Clerk James Daubs.

Absent:  Judith Jones, [Treasurer John Ewing].

  • Michael called attention to the committee changes on the agenda.
  • Both the February 20 and the March 31 Vestry minutes were approved—with revisions—UNANIMOUSLY
Committee Reports

Thank-You Ministry:  The Vestry discussed the Thank-You Ministry.

Property (Rob Ingraham):  The Green Team met last Saturday, and a second architectural “green” specialist walked through the premises.  The biggest step to be taken right away is to install a new, separate gas-burning boiler for St. Christopher’s House. Franny Eberhart has specifications and will get as many bids as possible.  It would be good to have this work done by the next heating season.  Garden benches:  Franny has ordered synthetic slats for broken benches.  Eddy Coston will need access to all possible rental properties for evaluation; she will talk with Arold Dorsinvil.

Membership Development:  There were 9 newcomers at the Newcomers’ Brunch. (Susan Walker will send a thank-you note to Ashley Chengerian, and Eddy Coston to Jim Synk.  Jeanne Blazina will follow up with possible Sunday School child’s parents.)  Jim Synk has said that parish leaders usually emerge from such brunches.  The next brunch is in November. 

HTNC:  Vestry liaison needed:  Carol Haley volunteered.

Adult Christian Education:  May and June need to be planned; a meeting will be scheduled.

Communications (Dave Jacobs): A new Triangle Theatre poster has been posted on the website, and a new MayFair poster will go up.  Erlinda is becoming an expert webmaster.  We now have a new A-frame signboard, waterproof and capable of being used for various announcements!  It is being chained to the fence to prevent theft. 

Architectural Assets (Suzanne Julig):  Erlinda has produced an updated spreadsheet.  CHT made $6K from the Lotrimin people.  In all, we have received $25K from property rental; $9K is pending; another $16K is possible.  CHT does have certain liabilities, such as sufficient bathroom facilities; also, renting the sanctuary is possible, but presents certain challenges, such as moving pews; also, we have no real plan for obscuring religious symbols.  There is now a Location Scouting section on the website, and Suzanne has e-mailed some 80 location scouts!

Fundraisers:  Inez Lambert will join the committee.

Community Relations:  Don’t forget the 4/23 Marine Transfer station talk. 

Rector’s Report

  • Danny Beckwith wants to remain as interim music director in light of Michael’s imminent departure; the Music Search Committee has been placed on hiatus.
  • Docents needed on Tuesday, May 22 for City Garden Club tour:  Virginia Borland and Jean Geater tentatively volunteer.
  • We’ve had 5 babies born in the parish since October—perhaps something special should be done on Mothers Day?  The Vestry votes “yes.”
  • Michael will check on progress regarding Eucharistic Ministers’ certification.  

 Wardens’ Report

The Wardens presented “Emergency Budget Committee Recommendations”—see their handout.

Highlights include:

  • Form ad hoc Property Rental Group—Eddy Coston will convene this group
  • For now, table the Rhinelander Volunteer Program and the Lilly Fellow program
  • Hold costs of the music program to current annual ’12 budget
  • Table temporarily the hiring of a new Music Director—at least until we have a new rector
  • “Develop a collective leadership predisposition toward austerity”

All these measures were approved UNANIMOUSLY pending discussion.  Discussion ensued. 

Other topics:

  • Paul Feuerstein will serve as supply pastor through the summer months and into September and is resigning his New Rochelle position in order to do so.  Per Diocese, the Interim Pastor will come in September or October.
  • The Wardens become the parish’s ecclesiastical authority upon Michael’s departure on 7/1.
  • James Daubs, Eddy Coston, and perhaps Franny Eberhart will look into submitting an HTNC-like grant proposal to the Rhinelander family.
  • Farewell to Michael Phillips fete will be June 24th after the 10:30 service.  Michael asks that the Rector’s Purse be donated to purchase a new sound system.
  • Trinity Sunday is June 3 and will be the date of R.C. Laird’s farewell.
Michael adjourned the meeting with a prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

James Daubs, Clerk