Rectory & Rhinelander Bldg

Minutes of the December 2012 Vestry Meeting



December 17, 2012
Present:  Susan Walker, Inez Lambert, Interim Pastor the Rev. Mark Collins, Carol Haley, Virginia Borland, Clerk James Daubs, Marlin Mattson, Judith Jones, Warden Jean Geater, Jeanne Blazina, Treasurer John Ewing.
Absent:  Suzanne Julig, Eddy Coston, Rob Ingraham, Hal Barth.
• Mark Collins opened the meeting with a prayer.
The October and November Vestry Minutes were approved UNANIMOUSLY pending revisions.  
Treasurer’s Report (John Ewing):  
The outlook remains favorable.  Income for the year is better than expected, due in part to the Rector’s purse, the Music Appeal, and a windfall from TV/movie income. 
Income is a little higher than budgeted, expenses a little lower than budgeted (see handouts). 
Savings come in part from smaller than expected Rector’s salary and Lilly Fellow’s salary. 
Budget (John Ewing):  see “BUDGET NOTES” handout, with this revision:  “Currently, 5% of the General Fund amounts to about $57,000.  We are not therefore within our policy, but closer than we’ve been in many years.”  The Vestry discussed the 2013 Budget.
Mark Collins also raised two budget-related issues:  (a) procuring grants for Children and Youth from the Draesel Fund, and (b) considering housing a priest in the Penthouse Apartment, someone who could work with church programs in lieu of rent.  
The Vestry voted to accept the proposed budget as a draft budget, with further emendations to be made by the Budget Committee, and with a final budget to be adopted before the Annual Meeting; the vote was a UNANIMOUS “yes.”
Interim’s Report (Mark Collins):
A parish Christmas card has been accepted, featuring  a drawing by parishioner Judith Brown.
MayFair will be on May 4.
Annual Meeting:  parishioners who usually attend the 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eucharists will be asked to come instead to the 10:30 service and to stay for the meeting.
Warden’s Report (Jean Geater): The Property Preservation Trust will reimburse CHT $19K for capital expenses and loan principle repayments.
Committee Reports:
Nominating Committee (Virginia Borland):  5 Vestry members will be leaving, and 5 new members will be elected, one of them for a term of one year.  The committee will meet again on 1/3/13.  The slate of candidates will be available in time for the Annual Meeting.  
Search Committee (Inez Lambert):  the committee met on 12/5.  40 surveys were returned; Todd Schwartz will compile the results. Some 45 people attended the last round table; the next round tables will occur on 1/13/13 and 2/10/13; the committee will meet again 1/9/13.
HTNC (Carol Haley):  HTNC appreciates having 3 Vestry members as board members.  The Board needs volunteers for (a) the Christmas Eve meal for shelter guests, and (b) the 12/29 Saturday Supper.
Hospitality (Inez Lambert):  The Greening of the Church will be this coming Wednesday, and the church will be fully decorated by 12/13.  Epiphany party 1/6 in the Rectory.
Mark Collins closed the meeting with a prayer.
Faithfully submitted,
James Daubs, Clerk