Rectory & Rhinelander Bldg

Vestry Meeting

February 20, 2010 Minutes

Rector Michael Phillips, Hal Barth, Virgina Borland, James Daubs, Rob Ingraham, Suzanne Julig, Warden Steve Knight, Liz Poole, Carol Stevenson, Jim Synk, Warden Bea Tompkins, Susan Valdés-Dapena.
Jean Geater, Alden Prouty

Rector Michael Phillips called the meeting to order and led the Vestry in prayer. He then gave an overview of how Vestry meetings work, what topics are covered and the need to confine committee work to times outside of the regular Vestry meetings. There was also general discussion of parish finances, how to read the church budget and the details of our Diocesan assessment. The Vestry was in favor of continuing the Spiritual Reflection, given by a different Vestry member each month. Liz Poole volunteered to give the reflection at the March meeting.

Michael then reviewed the list of Areas of Responsibility, and Vestry members volunteered to lead in these specific areas of parish life. They will report on their areas at each Vestry meeting. Michael asked that each Vestry member come to the March meeting with specific goals for his or her area.

Areas of Responsibility

Rob Ingraham (?)
With Bill Minifie, Jim Iredell and Franny Eberhart continuing to participate, if they will

Newcomers/Membership Development—
Warden Steve Knight, Jim Synk and a committee to be formed for membership development

Neighborhood Ministries—
Warden Bea Tompkins, Liz Poole, Alden Prouty (?)

Pledge Campaign—
Warden Steve Knight and Jim Synk

Adult Christian Education (ACE)—
Carol Stevenson and James Daubs

In-house Communications—
Rob Ingraham

Carpenter’s Kids—
Susan Valdés-Dapena

Jim Synk
With Mary Ausman and Stephen Fraser currently involved
Jim will look into forming a supportive group of parents and others to get some lay people connected with this effort

Real Estate—
Combine with Property

Hospitality—Hal Barth
With Jackie Price and Inez Lambert continuing as leaders

Nominating Committee—
Outgoing Class of 2010 Warden and Vestry Members

Fundraisers (May Fair and Thrift Shop)—
Virginia Borland

Rector’s Report

Ramp Project—
Parishioner and architect John Hatheway is getting up-to-date budget numbers in preparation for a subsequent fund-raising campaign, which the Vestry will need to authorize.

Matt Heyd’s Gift—
This will require its own fund-raising effort, to begin sometime after Lent.

Lilly Fellow PD—
We will need a group of people from the Vestry and parish to interview candidates. Michael would like the Fellow to focus on 20s and 30s and have a Vestry person to shepherd them. Please think and pray about this.

Water Meter—
The church will have to put in a water meter but will not have to pay for water. We will be reimbursed by the city for most or all of the cost of installation.

Sexton Arold Dorsinvil’s brother is a doctor who ran a medical clinic in Haiti. The clinic was destroyed in the earthquake, and the doctor wants to reopen it. Michael is looking into whether Mount Sinai Hospital is discarding any still-good medical equipment that we could donate. Our fund raising would then be to pay for its shipment to Haiti.


MOTION made and PASSED to raise funds for Carpenter’s Kids in Lent, because the payment is due April 15, 2010.

Next Regular Vestry Meeting — Monday, March 15, 2010, at 7:00 P.M. in the Choir Room.

There being no further business to come before the Vestry, MOTION made and PASSED to adjourn.

Michael closed the meeting with a prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Liz Poole