Rectory & Rhinelander Bldg

Vestry Meeting

January 18, 2010 Minutes

Rector Michael Phillips Warden Franny Eberhart, Jean Geater, Jim Iredell, Steve Knight, Jackie Price, Alden Prouty, Jim Synk, Warden Bea Tompkins, Susan Valdés-Dapena, Treasurer Rob Morton .
Jeff Babson, Bill Minifie

Dec. minutes approved.

Spiritual Reflection: Jean Geater began discussed her feelings about being a Cradle Episcopalian. Her response of familiarity to tradition of liturgy has deepened, intellectually over time. Other members were encouraged to give their responses to B.C.P. liturgy.

Rob presented budget. Matching grant, from the pledge drive, was not put on the pledge line. Discussion of LYBUNTS and number of new pledges.

Diocesan assessment: We owed $98,608 and paid $14,626, thus we still owe $78,920 of our 2009 assessment, which can be paid over a 3-yr. period, starting in 2011. Our assessment was reduced, for 2010, to $75,400.

We appear to have an extra $25,000 for 2009. Members decided that we should use this money to repay the endowment (the extra amount we drew it down in 2009) before we pay the assessment. There was also the feeling that we must make every effort to pay our assessment. Franny and Michael pointed out the tangible benefits of being in good financial standing with the diocese.

Lilly Fellow funding: Lilly fellow newly ordained priest who will be F/T at H.T., beginning in summer of 2010. Our first year’s obligation is 20% of the Fellow’s salary. We aim to cover that with housing. We need to structure the budget appropriately to reflect payments in from Lilly, the housing amount, etc., and payments out to the Fellow priest. In 2011, we will owe 40% of the Fellow’s salary, part of which will be housing.

We need a more detailed After-School budget to assess the program.


Property: Jim talked about need to put in water meter. Will not have to pay for water but are now required by the city to have a meter. The dishwasher in the upstairs kitchen has been anchored properly.

Newcomers: Sharon Frazier new member of Newcomer Committee.

Neighborhood Ministries: Judith Jones event on Jan. 28th to raise funds for H.T.N.C.

Pledge Campaign: Reviewed as part of budget discussion.

Adult Christian Ed.: 7 Deadly Sins for Epiphany, so far quite successful.
KAIROS project presentation on Israel Palestine at Cathedral on Feb. 6th.
Lent: CREDO, clergy support model, offered to people of parish. Programming both Sun. 9:30 a.m. and Weds. evenings after Eucharist service.

Communications: We are introducing a new publication Triptych, which will be a magazine format rather than newsy items already featured in notices and E-news. Instead, Triptych will cover one issue in depth. The first issue is on the Emerging Church. Some members expressed a desire to receive this as e-mail/online version only (paperless).

Children and Youth: Michael discussed Trinity Choristers, Afterschool Program, both doing well.

Hospitality: Annual Mtg. Plan to purchase items rather than have coffee hour team provide them, in addition to their rota duties.

Vestry nominations: Jackie has found 7 nominees to agree to run. Steve Knight announced as nominee for warden.

Rector’s Report

Sat. supper: Goodell family taking 2nd Sunday. Trying to get Trinity Network to take 4rth Sunday. St. John’s U. and some high schools in Manhattan want students to help with suppers for community service.

Vestry retreat: On campus. Sat., Feb. 20th, 9:30-4:30; Sherry Hour, fr. 4:30-5:30, spouses invited.

Ramp project: John is getting new estimates, before we begin ramp fund-raising campaign.

Matt Heyd’s ordination gift: Contribution to Fr. Wright to rebuild parish in the 9th Ward in thanksgiving for Matt’s ordination.  Matthew gave a gift to H.T., in gratitude for our support of his ordination process, which Michael has put in the discretionary fund.

Mary and Steve’s wedding, which is a public service, will be at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Jan. 30th, at 4:00 p.m. All are invited to attend service.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Valdés-Dapena