Rectory & Rhinelander Bldg

Vestry Meeting

July 19, 2010 Minutes

PRESENT:  Rector Michael Phillips, Virginia Borland, James Daubs, Suzanne Julig, Liz Poole, Alden Prouty, Carol Stevenson, Jim Synk, Susan Valdes-Dapena


ABSENT:  Hal Barth, Jean Geater, Rob Ingraham, Warden Steve Knight, Warden Bea Tompkins


GUESTS:  Melanie Hill, Mary Ausman, Minister of Music Stephen Hamilton


Rector Michael Phillips called the meeting to order and led the Vestry in prayer. 


James Daubs presented the spiritual reflection.  Susan Valdes-Dapena will offer the spiritual reflection at the September meeting of the Vestry. 


June Vestry Meeting Minutes -- MOTION made and PASSED to approve the Minutes of the June meeting of the Vestry as revised.


Triangle Theatre Financial Report – President Melanie Hill told the Vestry that the group has $12,000 in checking and CDs at TD Bank.  Signatories are parishioners and Triangle Board members Pam Synk, Inez Lambert, Jean Geater and Melanie.  Triangle Theatre generally offers two terms of acting classes, each followed by a Scene Monolog Night, and four staged readings.  Last year they also gave a free performance at the mid-Manhattan library.  Their financial picture has improved each year since parishioner Dudley Stone became Artistic Director.   The group is building a good mailing list and a growing audience.  They give a staged reading every year as a benefit, with all proceeds going to the church.  Last year’s reading netted $480.  This year’s benefit will consist of two performances of a modern version of the play Everyman.


Music at Holy Trinity (MHT) Financial Report -- Minister of Music Stephen Hamilton reported that $132,582 has been raised for the Reiger Organ Fund.  The current balance of $87,934 reflects the fact that two payments have been made to the company who will be doing the restoration project.  He then reviewed the expenses and income for MHT’s 2009-2010 season and the budget of $52,325 for the 2010-2011 season, which includes a carry-over of $21,500 from this season.  Stephen has also received a grant of $2,500 to underwrite one of next season’s concerts.  He stated that 2,495 people came to MHT events in 2009.  MHT gives four gifts to the church each year, paying for music at the Lessons and Carols service, Good Friday, the summer outdoor concert and the extra paid choir members on Easter Sunday.  Stephen also distributed a detailed statement covering the costs of paid singers and instrumentalists at our Sunday services.


Yorkville Arts Academy Financial Report – Director Mary Ausman announced that Yorkville Arts Academy has funds of $8,516.  There were 16 students this school year, aged 4 to 14.  There is great economic diversity in the student body, with 2 children receiving partial scholarships from the Draesel Fund.  Academic tutoring has taken on more importance than anticipated, and if necessary may become more of the Academy’s focus that its current emphasis on the performing arts.  There are two part-time employees, one volunteer, Mary and Associate Minister of Music Stephen Fraser working with the children.  The maximum number of students the current staff can handle is 23.  The Vestry remarked on the early success of this program and asked for a more detailed financial report.


Treasurer’s Report – In Treasurer Rob Morton’s absence, Michael distributed the parish year-to-date financials which included some amended budget figures.   We are deleting projected income from movie and TV shoots from the budget because there has been no activity this year. The amount for utilities must be re-budgeted due to price increases in fuel oil.  We have drawn down 100% of the amount we budgeted from our endowment.  We are up to date on this year’s diocesan assessment payments.  Michael mentioned that a non-profit group, Health Advocates for Older People, will be moving into a small office on our premises later in July and will be paying rent.


MOTION made and PASSED to accept the amended budget as submitted. 


Discretionary Fund Report – In Vestry member Hal Barth’s absence, Michael distributed a report detailing the income to the Fund and the lump-sum expenditure.  He reviews each individual check/expenditure with Hal and confirms whether the expense was “charitable” or “pious” as required by Discretionary Fund rules.  Hal signed the report, indicating that all expenditures fall within IRS and Diocesan guidelines.  Michael pointed out that “Discretionary” in this case refers to being discreet about what the funds are needed for and who needs them – not that they can simply be used at his own personal discretion.


Diocesan Assessment Arrears Update – The amount of funds pledged to this effort has doubled since June.  The total is now $24,793.  Our total arrears amount owed is approximately $80,000.


Reports --

Neighborhood Ministries – Liz Poole mentioned she is working on another round of paperwork having to do with HTNC’s status as a registered charity, which is part of the effort to obtain the 2009 grant monies awarded to HTNC by the office of State Senator Liz Krueger. 

Pledge Campaign – Michael told the Vestry that Nikki Chase-Levin will be one of the co-chairs for this effort and that he is seeking an additional co-chair. 

Adult Christian Education (ACE) – James Daubs announced that the August film festival will feature Black Narcissus and Diary of a Country Priest.  Half of the movie will be shown each week, followed by discussion.  Lilly fellow RC Laird will be involved with this ministry. 

Communications – The next project will be to make the most of the vitrine in the churchyard.

Carpenter’s Kids – Susan Valdes-Dapena stated that the cow for Chitelela parish has been paid for and will be sent as soon as there are 10 cows ready for shipment.

Children/Youth – Michael reported Sunday school will now start at 10:30am and end at a set time, when the children will join the 10:30 service in progress.  The new curriculum has been chosen.  On Homecoming there will be an introduction to the revamped Sunday School program for parents and children.  

Hospitality – Michael noted the next big event will be the summer barbeque on September 5.

Fundraisers – Virginia Borland presented a draft invitation to a Tour de France, this fall’s wine and cheese fundraiser.  Michael will check to see if Thursday, October 7 is a feasible date and let the Vestry know.


Rector’s Report

Vestry welcome for Lairds – Michael paired up Vestry members and reminded each pair to do something to welcome R.C. and Angie Laird.  The pairs each chose a month between now and September for their activity. 

Fall preparation – Between the Sunday School revamp, the progress of the next issue of Triptych, the upcoming ACE programs and the early start on the pledge campaign, Michael stated that we are off to a really good start for fall.


Next Regular Vestry Meeting – Monday, September 20 at 7pm in the Choir Room.


There being no further business to come before the Vestry, MOTION made and PASSED to adjourn.


Michael closed the meeting with a prayer.


Respectfully submitted,



Liz Poole