Rectory & Rhinelander Bldg

Vestry Minutes

July 18, 2011


Rev. Michael Phillips
Virginia Borland
Alden Prouty
Andrew Ogletree
David Jacobs
Steve Knight
John Ewing
Hal Barth
Carol Haley
Jean Geater
Rob Ingram
Suzanne Julig
Marlin Mattson
Susan Valdes- Dapena

Opening Prayer

Spiritual Reflection: Steven and Michael - Three faiths walk

Review of Agenda and approval of July Vestry Minutes:

To amend the minutes to reflect that the Vestry passed a motion stating that CHT would loan HTNC money to cover the cost of the intern with the expectation that CHT would be paid back.  Motion was approved.

Treasurer's Report - John Ewing

John noted that the income exceeds the expenses for the time being.  Currently we are in a better financial position than we were last year at this time.  There was a question as to why the administration expenses were up this time and the answer was that money was spent for the window in Draesell Hall.

The income is holding up; however we took $25,000 more in pledges last year than this year.   Reasons for running out of cash are in the way we account for things - for example, the Rector's discretionary fund is a liability account and thus will be spent at some point, but acts as a cushion in the main account when the cash flow situation is low; another reason is the diocesan assessment was very high.  Another liability account is Music at Holy Trinity - the money that was budgeted sits in the general account; however, when it is used up and there is a lack of cash in the account, it makes it look like there is a loss, when it is really just a cash-flow issue.

The accounting for the liability accounts has only been in place in the last six months and checks/donations which are meant for certain liability accounts, such as the Rector's discretionary fund or Music at Holy Trinity have not been accounted for in terms of the budget.

There was discussion as to why certain checks/donations were not recorded for what their purpose was.  The conclusion was that John Ewing was going to ask Annie by the next meeting and Michael was going to ask Betsy Forster about her accounting for Music at Holy Trinity.

Total Return Accounting:

John presented his findings and a report on Total Return Accounting.  The proposal was discussed and a motion to accept John's proposal was seconded and the Vestry voted unanimously to approve  it. 


Will be in touch with Alan Barnett at the Diocese to discuss the arrears.

Excited about the Direct Deposit plan which has been set-up through the diocese to collect dues - going to wait until the autumn when everyone is back to publicize this during the pledge campaign.



Robert Ingram reported about the goings-on with clearing the attic of the many bags of things that had been gathered for the thrift store.  There was a long discussion on what needed to happen, including how much it would cost the church to arrange for a commercial outfit to clear away all of the bags vs. giving Diane time with her volunteers to clear the bags and to sort through things for the thrift store.

In conclusion there was a motion that Diane had until August 1st to take whatever she wished to keep for the thrift store and after that date all the bags of things would be removed by a commercial outfit.  The Vestry voted on this motion and it was passed unanimously.

Pledge Campaign:

October 16: Pledge campaign kicks off

November 20 - Pledge Sunday Brunch

People on the committee:

Jean Geater, Michael Phillips, Steve Knight, Jim Sink, Robert Ingram

E-Pledging option will be pushed

Suggesting a 10% increase in ones pledge

Reaching out to top donors

Adult Christian Ed:

Marlin presented what went on at the last meeting speaking about topics for Lent: Faith and Science.  Possible movies to watch and to discuss are The Devil and Daniel Webster and the Devil's Advocate.


David Jacobs presented

1. Re-form communications advisory group

2. e-goodnews should be re-vamped so we can include pictures etc - someone needs to re-train Erlinda

3.  Please send all items for the e-good news to Erlinda

4. Webpage needs to be updated to include sermons, minutes etc.

Carpenter's Kids

Cow is en route


Complaint that the fridge in the small kitchen still has food that is passed its sell-by date.  A resolution was made that Michael will put a sign on the door saying that all food will be thrown away once a week on Saturday.

Warden's Report:

The Feile support (summer concert support) is ok - not great

Vestry will host the homecoming BBQ on Sept. 18th - provide food and grilling and beverages.  There will be a pot-luck lunch where parishioners will be asked to bring something.  The hospitality committee will provide the burgers/dogs and the Vestry will provide the labor.

Rector's Report:

Michael offered Steve Frazer the job of interim organist, which he has accepted.   Please see the letter of agreement for details.

There was a brief discussion on the lack of a strong Sunday School program.  The Sunday School Summit did not happen, so there will be more discussions in the autumn when people return.

Sept. 11th planning committee:

Staff, RC, Steve Frazer, Susan Valdes -Dapena. There will be an interfaith event in Central Park and the Staff feel it would be appropriate for CHT to join this.

Pastoral Canvas: Will begin the day after labor day.  It will include basic medical info as well as funeral planning and cover all emergency medical contact info.  It will be confidential and only available to the Rector and priests on staff. 

Respectully submitted:

Andrew Ogletree - filling in for James Daubs