Rectory & Rhinelander Bldg

Vestry Meeting

July 16, 2012

Present:  Virginia Borland, Susan Walker, Warden Jean Geater, Warden David Jacobs, Inez Lambert, Clerk James Daubs, Suzanne Julig, Carol Haley, Hal Barth, Rob Ingraham, Jeanne Blazina.

Absent: Marlin Mattson, Eddy Coston,  Judith Jones.

  • Paul Feuerstein opened the meeting with a prayer.
  • Susan Walker will provide September’s Spiritual Reflection.
  • The June Vestry Minutes were approved UNANIMOUSLY.
  • The Vestry discussed the Thank-You Ministry.

Treasurer’s Report (John Ewing): 

See handout, “Treasurer’s Report” (through end of June).  There has been a 3-week lag in deposits and entries.

2012: Church is still $180K over budget.  $150K withdrawal from General Fund is already in motion; but since, despite budget cuts, we’re saving only $10K, we’re still $170K overbudget.  John sticks by his prediction that we will finish the year with a $150-200K deficit.

2013: We project an income of $120K for apartments; we project an increase from $320K to $360K in pledging.  If this obtains, we could finish the year with only a $50K deficit, which is within the limits of the 5% we’re allowed to draw from the General Fund. 

Music Appeals:  $10,660 collected, but we’re already $6535 over-budget for music.  We have $4320 for music for the rest of the year. 

Rector’s Purse:  $8291, possibly $500 more.   

Investment Report (Jean Geater):  investments are basically flat.  $1.1 million in General Fund, $1.4 million in Property Preservation Trust.

Utility Sharing since last meeting:  all apartments except Penthouse rented.  September 1 = Rhinelander Volunteer apartments will be free.  The former Music Office is available for rent.  We have 3 new tenants:  Matthew Moretz, Shaun Wallace (341 E 87th), and Frank Vagnone (Ascension Apartment).

The Rectory will need work before it can be inhabited. 

Committee Reports:

Property (Jean Geater): The gym in St. Christopher's House is as full as ever through a plethora of donations. There is not enough volunteer time to sort through everything that comes in.

HTNC (Carol Haley):  The Scotch tasting made $2K profit.  HTNC expects payment for the Rhinelander Volunteers; the Volunteers themselves expect $3K.

Pledge:  Jim Synk wants 2 co-chairs. 

ACE:  There will be movies in August. 

Eucharistic Ministry:  Paul F. will conduct training after Labor Day. 

Hospitality/Special Events (Inez Lambert): 

  • Homecoming (9/16) will be a potluck this year. 
  • Coffee Hours:  the food is donated, the church pays for coffee, milk, sugar, sexton’s time.  Should continue.
  • Greening of the Church:  can trees be donated?  Can flowers be gifted as memorials?
  • Epiphany Party potluck: should continue.
  • Annual Meeting: bagels planned for this year.
  • Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper and Talent Show should continue, but a discussion about it is needed about whether or not it should be revamped. 

Fundraising (Virginia Borland):  We should probably schedule a fall wine-tasting and a fall cabaret.

Communications (Dave Jacobs):  Many improvements to website:  Search added; Pledge page added; E-news revived.

Clergy Search: 

  • Wardens are interviewing potential Interims.
  • The Search Committee is meeting.

Sound System Proposal: 

Proposal was circulated and approved UNANIMOUSLY by the Vestry.

  • August 20 Vestry meeting will be a brainstorming session for fund-raising ideas. 
  • Eddy Coston continues to discuss an internship proposal with the Juilliard School with Danny Beckwith
  • The Vestry approved inserting the following statement into these current Minutes:
  • “The Wardens have determined that the TIAA 401 (A) Direct Contribution Retirement Plan, originally set up for the sole purpose of investing retirement contributions for Dr. Stephen Hamilton, be terminated with TIAA.  Dr. Hamilton is no longer employed by the Church of the Holy Trinity, the last contribution to this plan was made on August 9, 2011, and no further contributions will be made.”

Paul closed the meeting with a prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

James Daubs, Clerk