Rectory & Rhinelander Bldg

Vestry Meeting

June 20, 2011

Present:  Rector the Rev. Michael Phillips, Carol Haley, Andrew Ogletree, Lucy Dewart, Virginia Borland, Hal Barth, Treasurer John Ewing, Suzanne Julig, David Jacobs, Marlin Mattson, Warden Steve Knight, Warden Jean Geater, Susan Valdes-Dapena, Rob Ingraham, Clerk James Daubs.

Absent: Alden Prouty

  • Michael Phillips opened the meeting with a prayer.
  • Hal Barth shared a Spiritual Reflection.
  • The May Vestry minutes were approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report (John Ewing):  John summarized his report and distributed a handout.  The report was approved unanimously.

Budget Task Force (Carol Haley): The Task Force recommends four ways to save money and to earn money:

  • Encourage a 10% increase in individual pledges and offerings
  • Increase building use income
  •  “Grow” the congregation
  •  Identify a qualified volunteer for Sunday School leadership

Carol added further that the only possible significant area for reduction of expenditures in the current budget is in the music program; the Task Force anticipates that there could be up to $30K of savings in 2012.

Discussion of the budget followed:  Susan Valdes-Dapena suggested an increase in building use, specifically the use of the sanctuary with the pews removed; she also suggested and increase in electronic pledging (John Ewing reported that he’s satisfied with security in regard to electronic pledging). Suzanne Julig observed that it’s important that periodic pledge reports be mailed.

Loan from Property Support Fund (Jean Geater): The skylight repair will be more costly than anticipated due to the poor condition of the “donut hole” surrounding the actual skylight:  the cost will be about $31K. Franny Eberhart has suggested that the Vestry approve our getting a loan from the Diocesan Property Support Program (10-year loan at 6%), to be repaid by the Property Preservation Trust.  The motion was approved unanimously.

Committee Reports:

Property :  The Rieger organ repair team will arrive this coming Sunday.  Betsy Forster and others have worked hard to get an apartment into shape, with furnishings, paint, and so forth. More discussion of the situation in the St. Christopher’s House gym; Rob Ingraham will investigate the cost and feasibility of dumpster services and will e-mail the Vestry.  Virginia Borland will speak to Diane about this decision, and the clean-up will take place in July. 

Neighborhood Ministries:  Andrew Ogletree reported that R.C. Laird and Michael Phillips had presented a proposal to HTNC for the latter’s being a Rhinelander Volunteer Project sponsor/host at the cost of $1200/month. The HTNC Board, in turn, asks if CHT will loan this $1200/month in the form of a loan due to the 7-month gap between the beginning of the Project and the receipt of the expected grant from Episcopal Charities. Andrew added that the HTNC Board had not said “yes” to RVP yet, but still wants to know about the proposed loan:  will CHT make the loan if HTNC can’t pay the intern for a few months?  The Vestry voted on this motion:  all AYE (CHT will lend the money) except for one NAY.

Upcoming HTNC include a Scotch-tasting and two Halloween events (adult dinner dance 10/29 and kids’ afternoon party with Merricats 10/31).

Pledge Campaign:  Thanks to Susan Valdes-Dapena for setting up the electronic pledge.

Adult Christian Education:  Marlin Mattson reported that the committee had had a fruitful discussion at its last meeting, when several decisions were made:  the Sunday morning ACE will move to after the 10:30 service; each Sunday’s lesson will be free-standing, self-contained; a light luncheon will be served; Wednesday night ACE will consist of the Companions series interspersed with programming.  Changes will take place in September.

Communications: David Jacobs reports that he’s somewhat disappointed with various communications efforts since Jeanne Person left the staff, including Carillon and E-Good News. It was decided that the Communications committee and meet and return to the Vestry with a proposal for improvement; this proposal will answer the question “What are CHT’s essential communications needs?”  We can then “frost the cake” later. 

Hospitality:  Inez Lambert and Jackie Price report improved cleanliness in the kitchen. The Vestry reiterated that the refrigerator should be cleaned out on Sunday night and that a SIGN to that effect should be posted.

Fundraisers: The Chelsea Gallery tour made $330—kudos to Suzanne Julig.  A wine-tasting will take place on 10/14.

Wardens’ Report: 

  • The new parade banner was displayed on behalf of the Peace and Restorative Justice Community. Marchers in the Pride March will meet next Sunday at 1:00 p.m.
  • Summer Music on 7/20 will be a celebration of Irish fiddle music—volunteers are needed for hall prep, cleanup, décor and reception, tickets, and beverages.

Rector’s Report:

  • The estimate for the new bundled sound/computer/phone system is $25K.
  • A Sunday School summit will be held 7/10.  Dinushka DaSilva, M.Ed., will be coming to CHT for  vocational discernment.   She may be an appropriate person to head the Sunday School effort, having school administration experience, educational experience, and so forth.
  • 10:30 summer worship will take place in Draesel Hall, due not only to the heat but to the disruption caused by the organ repair.  This may pertain also to the 8 a.m. service There will be an effort to make Draesel Hall as “church-like” as possible. 

The next Vestry meeting will be July 18.


Michael closed the meeting with a prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

James Daubs, Clerk