Rectory & Rhinelander Bldg

Vestry Meeting

June 18, 2012

Present:  Virginia Borland, Marlin Mattson, Susan Walker, Rector the Rev. Michael Phillips, Warden Jean Geater, Warden David Jacobs, Inez Lambert, Clerk James Daubs, Eddy Coston, Jeanne Blazina.

Absent: Hal Barth, Suzanne Julig, Carol Haley, Rob Ingraham, Judith Jones.

Guests:  Melanie Hill, Steve Knight, Franny Eberhart, Susan Valdes-Dapena.

  • Michael opened the meeting with a prayer.
  • Eddy Coston provided a spiritual reflection.
  • May Vestry meeting minutes were approved UNANIMOUSLY. 

Triangle Theatre: Melanie Hill presented a comprehensive oral and written report on the state of the Triangle Theatre (see handouts, “Financial Summary” and “Triangle Theatre June 30, 2012”).

Franny Eberhart addressed the topic of the proposed new boiler system:  she sought professional advice and got 2 bids, one for $112K, one for $87K; Franny recommends accepting the second, lower bid.  We have $77K in spendable income in the Property Preservation Trust.  The work needs to be done over the summer.  Franny added that the big boiler, in place since 1971, will have to be replaced eventually.  Steve Knight added that these steps are Green Team initiatives:  along with motion sensors for lights, the new gas boiler should save on energy costs.  The Distribution Committee will vote on these initiatives.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Franny Eberhart presented a report from the Utilities Sharing Group.  Highlights:  the penthouse apartment is vacant, the Rhinelander apartments will be vacant 8/15, the office suite at 341 is vacant.
  • See John Ewing’s “profit/loss” handout.
  • The Interim Priest question (see handout):  should this be a full-time position?  A part-time position?  Both John Ewing and Michael Phillips recommend full-time, in part because it would be hard to return to a full-time priest after having had a part-time priest.  It will, however, contribute significantly to our continuing deficit. 
  • Motion:  we should hire a full-time interim priest.  Approved UNANIMOUSLY. 

Rectory Report (Eddy Coston): Eddy floated many ideas for utilizing our rectory and other spaces, noting that there are 21 event sites in Manhattan and that CHT needs to mimic the successful ones.  She recommends coming up with a package rental fee for each of our sites (Draesel Hall, the Rectory, the church, the garden). She notes that we would face certain obstacles, namely (a) working with caterers at low, medium, and high price points, and (b) providing staffing.  It was decided that all these proposals require further refinement and that they would be discussed at a later meeting. 

Fall Music Fund:  we have received only $8K of the $30K we require to fully fund fall music. 

Discretionary Fund Proposal: Michael reminded the Vestry that the Rector’s Discretionary Fund was earmarked for purposes “either pious or charitable.”  He proposed that upon his leaving, priest associates Richard Smith, Carol Hoidra, and Paul Feuerstein be charged with its management. Any disbursals would have to be approved by the Wardens.  This motion passed UNANIMOUSLY. 

The Vestry discussed and made decisions about the Thank-You Ministry.

Committee Reports:

HTNC:  Carol Haley has researched Michael’s duties in regard to HTNC in order to prepare for his departure.  Also:  Scotch-tasting was successful! 

Pledge:  Should get started soon!  Jim Synk has offered to chair.

Communications:  the Vestry discussed the differences between and advantages of different types of CHT FaceBook pages.

Hospitality:  in near future, Hospitality’s responsibilities need to be discussed, with an eye toward adding or deleting events. 

Rector’s Report:

A motion was made by Michael to include the following statement in the Vestry minutes:

“After a thorough investigation by the 2012 Vestry, in discussion with numerous members of the parish who know Milos Jovanovic and continue to keep up with him, his health and well-being, be it resolved that for the time being, the Church of the Holy Trinity will continue to shelter him in one of its apartments as part of its ongoing ministry to the homeless population of New York City.”

Result:  6 in favor, 3 opposed.  MOTION CARRIES. 

Wardens’ Report:

  • Jeanne Blazina has met with Michael and gone through every single detail from the diocesan website pertaining to clergy transition.  Many thanks to Jeanne!
  • Via secret ballot, Dudley Stone and Alden Prouty were elected co-chairs of the Rector Search Committee.

The meeting was closed with a prayer.