Rectory & Rhinelander Bldg

Vestry Meeting

March 15, 2010 Minutes

Rector Michael Phillips, Hal Barth, Virginia Borland, Rob Ingraham, Suzanne Julig, Warden Steve Knight, Liz Poole, Alden Prouty, Carol Stevenson, Jim Synk, Warden Bea Tompkins, Susan Valdés-Dapena.
James Daubs, Jean Geater

Rector Michael Phillips called the meeting to order and led the Vestry in prayer.
Liz Poole gave the spiritual reflection. Warden Steve Knight will do so at the April meeting of the Vestry.

MOTION made and PASSED to approve the Minutes of the January meeting of the Vestry as submitted.
MOTION made and PASSED to approve the Minutes of the February meeting of the Vestry as revised.

Treasurer’s Report

The Vestry reviewed the year-to-date financials of the parish. MOTION made and PASSED to accept book-keeper Annie Reed's report as submitted.
    Rector Michael Phillips stated that Holy Trinity owes $78,000 in arrears on the Diocesan assessment. Half of this sum is due by December 31, 2011. The second half is due by December 31, 2012. Michael will try to appeal the amount we owe and see if the Diocese will reduce it. There was much discussion about how to cover this expense, including ideas such as designating any movie income that exceeds budget to go toward the arrears, renting the sanctuary with pews removed for formal events, and a campaign to get 100 people to give $23 apiece to cover a month’s worth of payments, possibly also asking Merricat's, Triangle Theatre and Music at Holy Trinity to each cover a month. Suzanne Julig offered to find ways to let more location scouts know that Holy Trinity rents out its space for photo shoots, movies and similar activities.
    Michael asked the Vestry to keep coming up with ideas so that we can present a plan to the parish on April 25 at the Town Hall meeting.
    During the announcements on Sunday, Michael and/or Steve will ask the congregation to please keep up to date on their pledge payments because our first payment on the Diocesan assessment for 2010 is due in April. Michael stressed that we cannot get behind in 2010, given our arrears situation.
    Signatories on the church bank account will be discussed at the next Vestry meeting.


Property—Rob Ingraham reported that he'll be getting oriented by meeting with parishioners Bill Minifie, Jim Iredell and Frannie Eberhart.

Newcomers/Membership Development—Steve told the Vestry that the task force met and agreed to find out which populations are currently not being served by Holy Trinity and see how to use our activities and ministries to attract new members. We need to create a parish-wide culture of hospitality; not view it as the sole responsibility of committee members.

Neighborhood Ministries—Liz stated that goals for HTNC include pursuing more funding from grants and attracting new board members. Michael said that we may be able to expand the services we offer our guests at the Neighborhood Supper. The next fund-raiser is the University Glee Club concert in May.

Pledge Campaign—Jim Synk reported a pledge total of $347,000 with 20 parishioners who pledged for 2009 but have yet to do so for 2010. He is considering the best way to proceed.

Adult Christian Education (ACE)—Carol Stevenson announced the committee met and has planned the Sunday series from April 11 until May 23, "Christianity in a Changing World." Michael will lead the first session with seminarian Jules Jodko. Matt Heyd will be invited to speak, and some of the parishioners who attend the Sunday evening service will be invited to speak on the emerging church. Wednesday evenings will feature two sessions on the deadly sins that didn’t get covered earlier this year, two sessions on environmental justice and, in May, a book study led by parishioner Chris Knight. The committee's goal is to increase attendance at all of these events.

Communications—Rob said the design of the first issue of Triptych is being finalized. The committee met about themes for each issue, how to recruit authors and how to handle deadlines. They are designing new materials for the vitrines. One vitrine will hold a big poster with the current month's events while the other will highlight the following month's events. The group also discussed how to keep all Holy Trinity materials looking consistent and decided to add more photos to the web site.

Carpenter's Kids—Parishioners were asked to donate the money saved from fasting during Lent to this effort. Susan Valdés-Dapena reported that $1800 has been raised so far—we only need another $644. She went to a reception to meet the Bishop from Tanzania who was visiting the U.S. Carpenter’s Kids was his idea. Now almost 6,000 children are receiving an education, thanks to this project. Bishop Roskam asked Susan to write an article about our method of fund-raising.

Children/Youth—Jim is taking Associate Minister of Music Stephen Fraser, Sunday School and after-school program Director Mary Ausman and her son Connor to lunch to thank them for all their efforts and see how we can support them. They will also discuss how to get more parents from Trinity Choristers and the after-school program involved at Holy Trinity and see if they’ll join the parish. Suzanne said there should be a table with details on all our children’s programs at MayFair, as well as information on opportunities for volunteering such as the Neighborhood Supper and Thanksgiving dinner. She’ll also try to get our family/children's events listed on web sites that feature such activities, add more photos featuring children to the web site and let schools know we have opportunities for community service.

Hospitality—Hal spoke with committee member Inez Lambert. Her wish list includes fixing up the basement kitchen in Draesel Hall like the upstairs kitchen. The committee needs donations of pot-holders, paper towels and water pitchers. Hal will write a blurb for the Sunday bulletin directing people to contact Inez about what to donate.

Fundraisers—Virginia Borland met with Thrift Shop leader Lillian Bunth, who believes we need to promote the Thrift Shop more among parishioners. Options are announcements in the bulletin, from the lectern, by email and listings on shopping web sites. Vestry members, please email Virginia with any ideas.
&mbsp;   Virginia also met with the MayFair group. Co-chairs are Todd Schwartz and Yemesi Aryibi.The event is on Saturday, May 1. Announcements and requests for volunteers will begin right away. Vendors have received announcements and will get their contracts soon. Activities new this year will include tours of the church, organ recitals, a table for HTNC and more. Shaller & Weber will cook and sell food again and if they have no objection, we will invite Two Little Red Hens to sell baked goods. For Kid's Corner, the group will look into getting a second Bouncy House and perhaps offer pony rides. There was a suggestion to ask Stephen Fraser and Mary Ausman to head up this part of MayFair. Representatives from Carl Shurz Park will receive a complimentary table.

Wardens' Report

Steve asked that all Vestry members plan to attend a Town Hall meeting on Sunday, April 25—either the one after the 10:30 service or one after the 6:00 service. The meetings will feature a plan to pay our arrears, discussion about creating a "culture of welcoming" to attract newcomers, plus questions and answers.

Rector's Report

Ramp Project—Parishioner and architect John Hatheway is getting up-to-date budget numbers in preparation for a subsequent fund-raising campaign, which the Vestry will need to authorize.

Matt Heyd’s Gift—In light of all the fund-raising that's taken place lately, the consensus was to simply send out a letter to the parish.

Lilly Fellow Update—A group met last week and will meet next week with parishioners from St. James, who have hosted Lilly Fellows before. There are 14 candidates at this point. Carol is on this committee.

Youth Trips—Trinity Choristers will be singing at Michael's former parish on Mother's Day and doing a walk across the Hudson the day before. At the end of June there will be a five-day Youth Mission trip. Parishioner Dan Shockley is helping to organize this.


Next Regular Vestry Meeting—Monday, April 19 at 7pm in the Choir Room.

There being no further business to come before the Vestry, MOTION made and PASSED to adjourn.

Michael closed the meeting with a prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Liz Poole