Rectory & Rhinelander Bldg

Vestry Meeting

March 21, 2011


Present:  Rector The Rev. Michael Phillips, Lilly Fellow The Rev. R.C. Laird, Carol Haley, Marlin Mattson, Virginia Borland, Susan Valdes-Dapena, Suzanne Julig, Lucy Dewart, David Jacobs, Andrew Ogletree, Clerk James Daubs, Warden Steve Knight, Treasurer John Ewing.

Absent:  Warden Jean Geater, Hal Barth, Rob Ingraham, Alden Prouty.

Guests:   Franny Eberhart, Mary Ausman.


The minutes for the February Vestry Retreat were unanimously approved.

After-School Program:

Mary Ausman spoke about the after-school program, the Yorkville Arts Academy and provided a handout detailing the program’s finances and providing various other facts. There are at present 13 children enrolled (though Connor Ausman is no-pay). Staff pick up the children from school between 2:30 and 3:15, depending on their school’s closing time; the children stay until 6:00. Counselors receive $40/day, 5 days/week (see handout). According to Mary’s calculations, the present shortfall between income and expenses for the program is $3470/year.

Mary had many proposals for the 2011-2012 school year, among them:

  • ·       Tuition will be raised to $300/month from $250 (for 5 days/week)
  • ·       Advertising will be enhanced, and the school will be marketed as a “choir school”
  • ·       Additional students will be actively recruited from P.S. 151, which will be moving into the Richard Greene High School building
  • ·       Mary has as a goal 18 children attending full-time in the 2011-2012 school year

Much vestry discussion ensued.  It was moved that:

  • ·       15 FTE’s (full tuition equivalents) will have signed , registered, and paid a deposit  by the end of June
  • ·       Marketing for the program will say “including music instruction”
  • ·       If there aren’t 15 FTE’s by June 30, the program will be discontinued.

This motion was carried with 1 NO and the rest AYES.



Building Preservation and Restoration Fund:

Franny Eberhart spoke about the Fund, including its current worth.   The Distribution Committee is charged with deciding how and where the interest from this fund can be spent, and the time has come for electing a new committee.  Under the terms of the trust, the committee must consist of the Rector, a church Warden, and a former Warden. A motion was made to elect Franny to a 1-year term, Jean Geater to a 2-year term (Michael Phillips serves ex-officio).  The motion was carried with a unanimous vote.


Treasurer’s Report:

John Ewing distributed a Financial Report (see handout), including several recommendations:

  • ·       A small subcommittee of Vestry to oversee and to make recommendations to the Vestry regarding  spending?  Michael will take this under consideration.
  • ·       Updated pledge reports mailed at end of quarter?  Annie and Erlinda will sent out with letter from Wardens.
  • ·       The Vestry will look at first quarter budget at April’s Vestry meeting. 
  • ·       A motion was made that the Church should adopt the total Return Concept (as explained in the February 2011 Treasurers Report) for accounting purposes related to the Property Preservation Trust and the General Fund.  The spending rate should be 5%.  The motion was passed unanimously.


Music Transition Committee:

R.C. reported that 180 parishioners had completed the survey: 17-20% response is need for statistical validity, but we enjoyed a 27% response after only four days after the survey went “live.” Our survey consultant will prepare a report before Holy Week; the Rector will report to the Vestry in May.  It is hoped that the results of this survey should lead to the creation of an accurate job description for the position of music director.


Rhinelander Volunteer Project:

R.C. and Michael reported that, sadly, the RVP proposal was one of 15 submitted to Trinity Wall Street, and not one of those chosen for funding. The Lilly Fund for Theological Education has in the past funded projects that Trinity has not funded, and it is hoped they might provide funds for CHT to join the Episcopal Service Fund, which would provide us access to their applicant pool. The ESC might still be called upon to partner with CHT in regard to the Rhinelander Project. Michael asked the Vestry to think of further questions for R.C. about the Project’s future, and to e-mail them to Michael for subsequent discussion at April vestry meeting. 

341 East 87th Street: 

There was a brief discussion about the disposition of the apartments, with Michael updating the Vestry on possible changes in tenancy.  He proposed that one apartment—2nd floor, back—might be used to house the Rieger organ technicians through mid-October. 



Given the lateness of the hour and the length of the meeting, it was decided that reports would be tabled until the April Meeting.


Carpenter’s Kids:

Susan Valdes-Dapena reported that there had been problems in buying a cow for the Chitalela parish and suggested that the $750 earmarked for the cow be spent elsewhere.  It was moved that $500 would go for a book shipment, and $250 to purchase school desks.  This motion was passed unanimously. 


Warden’s Report:

Steve Knight thanked all who participated in the Shrove Tuesday Talent Show.


Music Director Emeritus:

Andrew Ogletree suggested that Stephen Hamilton, upon retirement, be given the strictly honorific title “Music Director Emeritus” with no special attendant rights or privileges.  A motion was made and was passed unanimously.



The meeting was closed with a prayer.


Respectfully submitted,

James Daubs, Clerk