Rectory & Rhinelander Bldg

Vestry Meeting

May 9, 2011


Present:  Rector The Rev. Michael Phillips, Lilly Fellow The Rev. R.C. Laird, Warden Steve Knight, Warden Jean Geater, Virginia Borland, David Jacobs, Hal Barth, Carol Haley, Lucy Dewart, Andrew Ogletree, Rob Ingraham, Suzanne Julig, Alden Prouty, Susan Valdes-Dapena, Marlin Mattson, Clerk James Daubs.

  •    Michael Phillips opened the meeting with a prayer.
  •    With revisions, the April meeting minutes were unanimously approved.
  •    Virginia Borland provided a Spiritual Reflection; Hal Barth will provide June’s Spiritual Reflection.

Stephen Hamilton Farewell (Alden Prouty): 

Betsy Forster has sent the concert and reception announcement to Music at Holy Trinity subscribers. The letter from the Wardens is being edited and will go out this coming week. Alden is working with a budget from Music at Holy Trinity. She has received the first list of those who will give tributes at the celebration. 

  • ·       6/11            Concert at 8 p.m., then reception in Draesel Hall with linens, glassware, and so forth.  No speeches at reception.
  • ·       6/12            After 10:30 service, enhanced coffee hour till 1 p.m., with tributes and bestowal of Emeritus status.
  • ·       6/19            Trinity Sunday.
  • ·       6/26            SJH’s last performance, followed by coffee hour.
  • ·       Andrew Ogletree is looking into acquiring a tribute plaque for SJH.

Music Transition Committee Report (Michael Phillips):

  • ·       Michael distributed a handout summarizing the survey’s findings. 
  • ·       Vestry members also on the Music  Transition Committee added comments:  Carol Haley emphasized that respondents approve of traditional music, but would like more musical diversity; she said that some respondents wished there were child care during concerts, and that one committee member who is also a parent had recommended trying out child care for a year.  Andrew Ogletree emphasized that both clergy and musicians need to be fully invested in the services.
  • ·       Michael said that a detailed survey is available to anyone in the parish.  Carol said that a summary is also available.
  • ·       R.C. said that the open responses (as opposed to multiple-choice results) will be kept private at the committee’s recommendation. 
  • ·       Michael will bring Job Description(s) for Music Director(s) back to Vestry for Vestry approval.  He has consulted the American Guild of Organists website; it provides estimates of average hours per week for each church-music job. It also provides recommendations about salary and benefits. 
  • ·       Michael thanked the Music Transition Committee for a job well done.


Rhinelander Volunteer Project (R.C. Laird):

R.C. reported that he had met with representatives of the Fund for Theological Education, and that the RVP has been offered a “string-free” $5K grant; further, they want to study the RVP program as a model  and to come to New York in October for training.

R.C. thanked The Rev. Matt Heyd of Trinity Wall Street for approaching the Fund on behalf of CHT. He added also the St. Mary of Manhattanville may want to collaborate on the RVP project and suggested that CHT take advantage of this opportunity.

Everything seems to be on track for an AUGUST start: interns will move in in August, start in their placements after Labor Day.

CMS (R.C. Laird):

  • ·       CMS is a database provider in MN that will provide web-based service to monitor pledges, payroll, and so forth.  Their data is backed up twice daily (we currently have no backup for our computer system).
  • ·       There would be initial and start-up costs of about $850, then the charge would be approximately equal to what we are currently paying CDM.
  • ·       A motion to approve the proposal to move to CMS—if the initial costs are around $1000—was unanimously approved. 

Treasurer’s Report:

  • ·       Pledge/offering income is down $6300 over last year.
  • ·       Building use and Thrift Shop revenue is up.
  • ·       In June, the Budget subcommittee will have met, the music situation will be clearer, and the Vestry will take a closer look at the budget.
  • ·       Susan Valdes-Dapena recommended direct deposit be instituted for pledges, and will call Yolanda Montgomery at the diocesan office.
  • ·       Andrew Ogletree recommended reminding the parish about the importance of summer giving; Michael Phillips said that John Ewing has not expressed concern over summer giving.
  • ·       The Treasurer’s Report was approved unanimously.


Committee Reports:

Property: Testing is being conducted on the tuckpointing of the north transept, hence the scaffolding. Michael, Rob Ingraham, and Franny Eberhart will discuss the gymnasium situation with Diane now that Holy Week is over. There is a leak in the flat roof over the sacristy and the rectory dining room:  Arold is getting bids.

Membership Development:  There was good participation at the Holy Trinity MayFair table.

Neighborhood Ministries: The New York Choral Society will be performing this Saturday.  Unfortunately, the tickets were not publicized properly at MayFair—there was no sign.

Communications: A new person is contributing daily to the website

Carpenter’s Kids:  We’ve sent a check, and there’s a nest egg for next year.

Children/Youth: Lucy Dewart spoke with Mary Ausman, who said the Sunday School schedule is done for the year.  Lucy will serve as liaison between the Vestry and Sunday School. The After-School Program ad in Big Apple Parent was circulated.

Hospitality: Jackie Price and Inez Lambert report improved kitchen cleanliness.

Fundraisers: 9 have signed up for the Chelsea Art Tour.  Virginia Borland has looked into guided tours of Gracie Mansion—tea costs $25.

Rector’s Report:

  • ·       The slightly reduced number of MayFair vendors was made up for by the Holy Trinity tables.  The $131 shortfall was made up for by an anonymous donor!
  • ·       Michael circulated and discussed a chart about responses to disaster in connection with the ACE series on responses to 9/11.


The next Vestry meeting will be on June 20.



The meeting was closed with a prayer.


Respectfully submitted,

James Daubs, Clerk