Rectory & Rhinelander Bldg

Vestry Meeting

May 21, 2012

Present:  Carol Haley, Inez Lambert, Rob Ingraham, Suzanne Julig, Virginia Borland, Hal Barth, Warden Dave Jacobs, Eddy Coston, Warden Jean Geater, Treasurer John Ewing, Clerk James Daubs, Jeanne Blazina, Susan Walker, Rector the Rev. Michael Phillips

Absent:  Judith Jones

Guest: Steve Knight

  • Eddy Coston opened the meeting with a prayer.
  • Rob Ingraham shared a Spiritual Reflection.
  • With revisions, the April Vestry meeting minutes were approved UNANIMOUSLY.

Steve Knight/GreenFaith Fellowship:  Steve has applied to a one-year fellowship program with GreenFaith.  The tuition is $1500/year; Steve is requesting $1000 from CHT, and Michael Phillips has asked the Wardens to approve providing these funds from the Rector’s Discretionary Fund. Steve will not know if he has been accepted into the program until early July.  He encourages everyone to look into his “green” biography, and directs them to  Steve says that CHT has begun to think about green energy, but that we have much more “greening” to undertake. 

Thank-You Ministry:  The Vestry discussed this ongoing ministry.

Vestry Chaplain:  This was a position recommended by Canon Orso; Eddy Coston was elected to this position UNANIMOUSLY.  Eddy and Jeanne Blazina have been praying for each member of the Vestry by name, and they suggest that we all do so. 

Treasurer’s Report (John Ewing):  (see handouts)  Highlights:  with one-third of the year gone, we’re down $130K from where we should be, though this deficit should be reduced by the end of the year, with incremental withdrawals from the trust already scheduled; John observes that CHT’s buildings are an enormous asset, but also cost an enormous amount of money, and there is only a limited number of ways to reduce these costs.   Jean Geater observed that “utilities + buildings are why we’re running a deficit.”

Emergency Budget Recommendations (Dave Jacobs): (see handout)  The Vestry UNANIMOUSLY approved a motion to accept the Emergency Budget Committee recommendations.  Michael noted that the Diocesan Assessment has been pared down to $76K for 2011; the 2009 assessment has been forgiven.  Wardens will see Alan Barnett at the Diocesan Office about further assessment reductions.  

Committee Reports

Property (Rob Ingraham):  Rob reminds us that there needs to be a capital campaign for the boiler replacements.  The slats for the garden benches are on order.  Michael and the sextons cut down a dead tree in the garden. 

Neighborhood Ministries (Carol Haley):  Carol wants to know just what Michael’s duties are on the HTNC Board before his departure:  he chairs, sets agendas, and presides, as well as recruiting new board members.  HTNC has $17K in grants outstanding. 

Pledge Campaign:  Jim Synk has volunteered to chair the 2013 drive.

ACE:  Programs are scheduled into early September; after that, the programming will need to be rethought and revivified. 

Hospitality:  6/3 Trinity Sunday brunch, then Evensong (with R.C. Laird presiding).  6/17 Farewell to Michael reception following 10:30 service.

Fundraisers (and Music Program):  Danny Beckwith has agreed to lower payments to paid singers and to eliminate instrumentalists.  Virginia Borland has written letters to former music patrons and has received some encouraging results.  The Vestry has made it clear that there is no music funding available past 6/3. 

Communications (Dave Jacobs):  The clergy transition flowchart is now on the website.  There was discussion about whether it should be posted in the back of the church.

Wardens’ Report

  • CHT has reluctantly turned down a proposal of a $2600 grant from the Draesel Fund offered on the condition that we set up a Sunday School program.
  • Paul Feuerstein will serve as supply priest from Michael’s departure through part of September. 
  • Discernment process for Search Committee chair:  please send names of nominees to Dave and Jean.
  • The Vestry UNANIMOUSLY accepted the Synks’ generous offer of 4 fans to cool the church!
  • Rector’s Report
  • R.C. Laird’s last day in New York is 6/19.
  • Michael reminds the Vestry of our duties and our benefits in re: the Community Support for Agriculture program.

Adjournment Michael closed the meeting with a prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

James Daubs, Clerk