Rectory & Rhinelander Bldg

Vestry Meeting

November 15, 2010 Minutes

PRESENT:  Rector Michael Phillips, Hal Barth, Virginia Borland, James Daubs, Jean Geater, Rob Ingraham, Suzanne Julig, Warden Steve Knight, Liz Poole, Alden Prouty, Jim Synk, Warden Bea Tompkins, Susan Valdes-Dapena

ABSENT:  Carol Stevenson

GUESTS:  Lilly Fellow RC Laird, John Ewing

Rector Michael Phillips called the meeting to order, led the Vestry in prayer and presented a spiritual reflection on an essay about covenant by Walter Brueggemann. 

October Vestry Meeting Minutes -- MOTION made and PASSED to approve the Minutes of the October meeting of the Vestry as revised.

Episcopal Service Corps Proposal – RC Laird presented a detailed proposal on assessing the feasibility and funding of an Episcopal Service Corps (ESC) community at Holy Trinity.  He was a member of a similar group before he entered seminary.  With ESC, a group of young people recently graduated from college live together in community and work as interns in community service-type jobs.  A parish agrees to house 4 or 5 young people and find jobs for them.  For example, if Holy Trinity were housing a small group, one of them could work at the HTNC programs, one at Stanley Isaacs, etc.  There is grant money available from Trinity Wall St. for the planning phase, called Year 0, as well as Years 1 and 2.  RC asked for the Vestry’s support for Year 0; forming an advisory board, exploration and planning.

RESOLUTION made and PASSED to support the Year 0 activities of the Episcopal Service Corps initiative and to support RC and Michael’s pursuit of grant monies for the same.

RC also thanked the Vestry for welcoming him and his wife, Angie, into their homes and into the parish.  He reiterated their invitation to their home for refreshments after the meeting.

Convention Report – Virginia Borland attended Convention and told the Vestry it dealt with internal church business such as passing resolutions, electing a new part-time Bishop and the presentation and passing of the new Diocesan budget.  It also addressed external issues such as a report from Episcopal Charities and a presentation by Imam Bashar, who helps acclimate young Muslim immigrants to life in the U.S.

Treasurer’s Report – Michael distributed year-to-date financials as prepared by parish book-keeper Annie Reed.  Pledge income is below budget by about $50,000 and utilities are over budget as of October 31, 2010.  A suggestion was made to include a letter in the December pledge statements of any parishioner who is behind schedule on paying his or her pledge, asking them to remedy the situation.  Warden Bea Tompkins and Alden Prouty volunteered to help flag the statements that would need this letter.  Alden will write the letter.

MOTION made and PASSED to accept the financial report as submitted.

Election of Parish Treasurer – MOTION made and PASSED to elect John Ewing as Parish Treasurer.

2011 Parish Budget Projection – Michael said the proposed budget will be presented at the December meeting of the Vestry.

Ghosties & Ghoulies Ball – Preliminary numbers show this fund-raiser for the Holy Trinity Neighborhood Center netted approximately $2,837.  There may be some outstanding expenses that have not yet been taken into account.

Wine & Cheese Fundraiser – Preliminary numbers indicate $1,183 in gross receipts.  This event was very well received by those who attended.  There was much discussion on how to deal with “no-shows.”  Many people made reservations for this event and did not attend.  Since the wine and cheese were purchased based on the number of reservations, “no-shows” cut into the proceeds considerably. 



Property – Rob Ingraham stated that the floor reinforcement under the Reiger organ should be completed by Easter.  The mold eradication project is complete and the water meter installation is scheduled for the week after Christmas, coinciding with Merricat’s school break.  St. Christopher’s House will have to close during the installation.

Membership Development – Warden Steve Knight said the next newcomer brunch will be on December 5.  He asked for volunteers to help and for all Vestry members to attend and bring food.

Neighborhood Ministries – Alden reported that the Ghosties & Ghoulies Ball was a great evening.  Michael reported that there was a site visit to the Senior Lunch by representatives from Episcopal Charities.  Holy Trinity Neighborhood Center has applied for grant monies from Episcopal Charities for this program.

Pledge Campaign Update – Jean Geater reported that $40,000 has been pledged by 25 people and noted that this information is at least a week old.

Adult Christian Education (ACE) –  James Daubs told the Vestry he met with RC and parishioner Inez Lambert to plan the Sunday programming through spring.  Wednesday ACE will be on hiatus until Lent.  There will still be Wednesday evening Eucharist and supper available to all.  After supper there will be a 6-week program for newcomers.  James will publicize the series with announcements in the Sunday bulletin and perhaps a flyer.

Children/Youth – Suzanne Julig will be moving off of this committee to help Erlinda with space rentals as a source of income for the parish. 

Hospitality – Hal Barth told the Vestry Jackie Price and Inez said the upstairs kitchen is a mess.

Fundraisers – Virginia is exploring a fundraiser based on the exhibit “Three Faiths” at the main branch of the New York Public Library.  Docent-led tours cost $7 a person.  She will gather information on available times and look into possibly having a reception afterward.


Warden’s Report

Vestry Nominating Committee – Warden Bea Tompkins has commitments from two parishioners to serve on the Vestry.  She also has two “maybe’s.” 

Rector’s Report

Youth Confirmation Course – In 2011, 7 or 8 children in the parish will take the confirmation course.

Vestry Resignation -- Parishioner Carol Stevenson has resigned from the Vestry and left Holy Trinity.

Next Regular Vestry Meeting – Monday, December 13, 2010 at 7pm in the Choir Room.

There being no further business to come before the Vestry, MOTION made and PASSED to adjourn.

Michael closed the meeting with a prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Liz Poole