Rectory & Rhinelander Bldg

Minutes of the November 2012 Vestry Meeting

November 19, 2012
Present:  Virginia Borland, Hal Barth, Interim Pastor the Reverend Mark Collins, Judith Jones, Jeanne Blazina, Susan Walker, Warden Jean Geater, Carol Haley, Marlin Mattson, Inez Lambert, Suzanne Julig,
Absent: Eddy Coston, Rob Ingraham, Dave Jacobs, Treasurer John Ewing, Clerk James Daubs
Guests:  Jim Synk, Franny Eberhart
Fr. Mark Collins opened the meeting with a prayer.
The October minutes will be presented prior to the December meeting
Property Update (Franny Eberhart) Franny provided updates on the buildings: 
The rectory continues to be a priority. The inside repairs are complete, and scaffolding is due to go up on Nov 20 in preparation for repairing leaks in the roof.  This is not a permanent fix for the roof.  We will need to prepare for a capital campaign to put on a new roof in a few years. A roof reserve fund has been started at the diocese. 
The replacement of the boiler in St. Christopher House has been delayed because ConEd’s main priority for permitting at this time is for entities affected by Hurricane Sandy. The delay could be for at least several months.
The main boiler is not maintaining a consistent temperature – Franny, Arold and Fr Mark will work with the firm we use to see to repairs.
Interim’s Report (Mark Collins):  
Mark informed the Vestry that David Jacobs resigned as Warden effective November 9, 2012. A new warden will be selected after election.
Mark discussed the following topics:
IT systems:  IT systems need to have their vulnerabilities addressed; computer backup is a special concern.  Funding is available to do this. Additional upgrading is being considered.
The Episcopal Visitation is scheduled for March 3, 2012. The Rt Rev Stacy Sauls will visit.
$600 was dispersed from the Rector’s discretionary fund in November.
Treasurer’s Report (John Ewing):  John was unable to attend in person, but submitted the Treasurer’s report in advance of the meeting. The news about the budget continues to be encouraging.  We have reduced our projected shortfall for the year to approximately $85,000 from a projected $175,000.  Several factors contributing to this improvement, some, such as Erlinda’s success in renting out space, increased income from the apartments, and increases in pledge income, are sustainable.  Other factors are not sustainable. The report was unanimously accepted.  
Stewardship Report (Mark Collins & Jim Synk) The plan worked well. A  few changes made this year included addition of a pledge supplement for activities,  having speakers at the 6 pm service, and holding a rectory reception (December 8) to honor pledgers.  As of this date, 81 pledgers have pledged a total of $254,000.  We appear to be on track toward a pledge goal of $350,000. The team and Vestry will conduct additional outreach over the next few weeks.
Nominating Committee (Jean Geater & Mark Collins) The following Vestry members’ terms end in January: Hal, Virginia, Suzanne, James, Rob, and Jean.  Virginia Borland will convene the Nominating Committee in December. An announcement will go out on Advent 4.  Everyone is encouraged to think about possible nominees and share names with Virginia and Jean.
Budget Committee (Mark Collins)  Mark will establish a budget committee to assist with the 2013 budget planning process.
Committee Reports:
HTNC (Carol Haley): Susan Walker volunteered to become the third Vestry member on the HTNC Board, thereby fulfilling the requirement in the HTNC Bylaws that three Vestry members serve on the Board. Carol provided copies of the HTNC Bylaws.
Adult Christian Education (Mark Collins):  Need to discuss how to replace James.
Hospitality (Inez Lambert):  
December 19 - Greening of the Church, with potluck and singing
Need to increase donations of flowers
January 6 (Epiphany) will turn coffee hour into a party in the rectory
January 27 – Annual Meeting
Children and Youth (Jeanne Blazina):  Some people have volunteered to be teachers. Because there are not enough children for a pageant, are considering having Lord of the Dance instead.  Jeanne and Mark will work on this. 
Fundraisers (Virginia Borland): Bill Minifie will perform November 28!
Communications (Mark Collins)  Danny and Erlinda are working on communications for Christmas worship.
Special Events Revenue Projects (Suzanne Julig)  
Space use by choral and performance rehearsals has netted the biggest income, about $46,000, and filming and location has netted $27,000.  Whole Foods is also using the space.
We have received $88,559 to date and have pending payments of $110,684.
Warden’s  Report (Jean Geater):  
The Search Committee will hold round tables at coffee hours in December to get input from the parish for the Vestry to use as we develop a plan for the future. In addition, a mailing of a paper survey went out this week. We will add a Search Committee Report to Vestry meetings.
Jean and Mark will come up with a date for May Fair and Erlinda will get a permit.
The next Vestry meeting will be December 17th at 7 pm
Fr. Mark closed the meeting with a prayer.
Faithfully submitted,
Carol Haley