Rectory & Rhinelander Bldg

Vestry Meeting

October 17, 2011

Present:  Rector the Rev. Michael Phillips, Lilly Fellow the Rev. R.C. Laird, Warden Steven Knight, Warden Jean Geater, Treasurer John Ewing, Hal Barth, Carol Haley, Marlin Mattson, David Jacobs, Lucy Dewart, Suzanne Julig, Susan Valdes-Dapena, Clerk James Daubs.

Absent:  Alden Prouty, Rob Ingraham.

Spiritual Reflection was offered by Carol Haley.

September Vestry Minutes, as amended, were approved UNANIMOUSLY.

July Vestry Minutes, as amended, were approved UNANIMOUSLY.

Rhinelander Volunteer Project (R.C. Laird)

R.C. reports that the program is going nicely.  One job placement is not working out well, however, and the volunteer involved is ending her association with the organization at the end of October; a new placement is being sought for her. CHT will be refunding the organization’s fee for November. Steve Knight suggested that the RVP interns be made more familiar to parishioners; R.C. responded that a biographical insert to the weekly bulletin is being planned.  Michael Philllips suggested a January/February event with the interns and the parish with questions for the interns submitted ahead of time.  The interns will be leading the kitchen crew this coming Saturday.

R.C. also gave the Adult Christian Education report:  he’s been at several in the new program year and thinks the new format/time a success.  We even have a cash surplus!  The program is more than paying for itself. 

Treasurer’s Report (John Ewing)

John says there is not much new to report since last time.  He distributed a handout and discussed its implications (see “Budget vs. Actual 2011” handout). At the end of the year, we shall have withdrawn $195K from the endowment.  John emphasized that CHT must take steps to reduce the deficit and pointed out that something must change, either income or expenses.

After lengthy discussion, the Treasurer’s Report was accepted UNANIMOUSLY.

Michael added two financial notes:  (a) the Finance Committee consists of Hal Barth, John Ewing, Jean Geater, the Rev. Michael Phillips, Jim Synk, and Steve Knight, and (b) the Diocese wants a more formal proposal than we have thus far presented before reconsidering our arrears for the diocesan assessment.

Committee Reports

Property (Virginia Borland):  The situation in the St. Christopher House gym seems to have been resolved; the space is nicely organized.  CHT will need receipts for Diane’s expenses by mid-November.

Membership Development (Steve Knight):  There will be a Newcomers’ Brunch on October 30 with 18 invitees.  Sue Chandler is coordinating the food. 

Neighborhood Ministries (Lucy Dewart and Michael Phillips): Only 7 acceptances to Oktoberfest, but it will still go on.  There was a HTNC Board meeting tonight.  Fairway will kindly be donating food for Oktoberfest.  The Federation of Protestant Welfare Ministries has issued a RFP for a $20K grant—this would nicely fulfill our need for healthcare screenings at the Saturday Supper.

Pledge Campaign: The campaign kickoff was last Sunday, with the committee commissioning.  We have 100% Vestry participation.  The mailing went out today.  Liz Poole will be hosting a cocktail party for the major donors.  And end-of-campaign International Brunch is planned for 11/20; Steve Knight will coordinate.

Rota for lectern appeals:  10/23 Lucy Dewart;10/30 Steve Knight; 11/6 Carol Haley; 11/13 Suzanne Julig?;11/20 Susan Valdes-Dapena.

Many thanks to David Jacobs for the handsome pledge card!

Communications (David Jacobs): David has spent time training Erlinda Brent to enter and distribute E-Good News, and it has now gone out twice.  David is puzzled that (a) there are only 180 recipients, and (b) only about 50% of recipients are opening it.  He suspects we need to add many e-mail addresses to the current list.

Carpenter’s Kids (Susan Valdes-Dapena):  Susan has been trying to maintain electronic contact with Chitelela, but is finding it difficult.  She thinks it important to maintain contact with the children.

Children/Youth (Lucy Dewart):  The Youth Group traveled upstate to the Rural Migrant Ministry Gala.  The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd has 7 children.  15 are registered for Sunday School.

Fundraisers (Virginia Borland):  The Wine and Cheese was successful, with about 30 people.  Only 3 Vestry members attended.  This coming Saturday:  Madison Avenue art tour with Suzanne Julig.  Virginia looks forward to arranging a cabaret fundraiser with Bill Minifie!

Wardens’ Report

  • Vestry hosts needed for Triangle Theatre:  Virginia will introduce on November 18, Hal on November 19.
  • Nominating Committee for next year’s Vestry:  Steve Knight, Susan Valdes-Dapena, Alden Prouty.
  • Thanks for attending Vestry Potluck!

Rector’s Report

  • Bishop Smith would like to meet with the Vestry after the 10:30 service on 11/13.
  • On 10/29, a Bishop Coadjutor will be elected—this officeholder is the heir apparent to Bishop Sisk. 
  • Dudley Stone, Virginia Borland, and Michael Phillips served as CHT’s delegates last Saturday afternoon at St. James’ Church.
  • Michael explained the election procedures for the Diocese. 
  • A 6 p.m. musician has been hired:  David Bryan, a mandolin player.


Michael closed the meeting with a prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

James Daubs, Clerk