Rectory & Rhinelander Bldg

Vestry Meeting

October 15, 2012

Present: Virginia Borland, Hal Barth, Eddy Coston, Interim Pastor the Reverend Mark Collins, Jeanne Blazina, Susan Walker, Treasurer John Ewing, Warden Jean Geater, Carol Haley, Marlin Mattson.

Absent: Rob Ingraham, Inez Lambert, Warden Dave Jacobs, Judith Jones, Suzanne Julig.

Guest:  Jim Synk.

  • Fr. Mark Collins opened the meeting with a prayer.
  • Eddy Coston provided a Spiritual Reflection.
  • The September Vestry meeting minutes were approved UNANIMOUSLY.

Treasurer’s Report (John Ewing):  CHT is doing as well as planned on income, and better than planned on savings. End of year deficit should be about $70K—possibly $100K, but this is down from $210K last year! In addition, we had already planned to withdraw some $60K from the General Fund, so a $100K deficit would only represent $40K more than planned.

  • Apartment income should increase.
  • If we get the pledge income up to $380K—and control expenses—our budget will essentially be balanced (with a $50K withdrawal from the General Fund).
  • Fr. Mark observed that we cut the deficit in half in 2012, and expect to do so again in 2013.

Stewardship Report (Jim Synk): Stewardship is proceeding according to a detailed plan (see handout from 9/12), and the results will be OK.  Jim will compile a list of Parishioners in Transition, and Fr. Mark will make calls.

Senior Connect (Jim Synk):  Jim envisions this program as a community-strengthening initiative for homebound parishioners.  He would like 2 lists:  (a) homebound parishioners, and (b) outreach parishioners.  A Job Description should be drawn up—Jim will attend to this.  A working group consisting of Susan Walker, Eddy Coston, and Virginia Borland will be established.

Interim’s Report (Mark Collins):  Mark discussed various life transitions within the parish, along with the following topics:

  • Standardization and Regularization:  IT systems need to have their vulnerabilities addressed; computer backup is a special concern.
  • Finances:  Check-signing controls need to be instituted.
  • Rector’s Discretionary Fund should be part of the General Fund; Hal Barth remains the point person for approving Interim’s disbursements.
  • Mark is addressing office procedures, music, and liturgy as well.  
  • Rectory:  the leaking roof caused by leakage in the flashing will be fixed in November and should extend the life of the roof. Mark and Denton will move in in early December.

Committee Reports:

HTNC (Carol Haley): the Board is happy that the $3K debt was forgiven.  They would like at least 2 Vestry members to serve on the Board—Hal Barth volunteered.  On the issue of program control by HTNC rather than CHT:  it appears that the by-laws already specific that the HTNC has control over outreach programs, so no new charter is needed.  2 events are planned:  an Oktoberfest, and a Macallan’s Scotch Tasting.  Carol also requests that the Vestry and the HTNC exchange Minutes among chairs.

ACE (James Daubs and Mark Collins):  we have a syllabus through the end of the calendar year; programs will begin October 28.

Hospitality:  a chair for the International Brunch is needed:  Jeanne Blazina and Susan Walker volunteer.

Children and Youth (Jeanne Blazina):  we need a holiday program for the young people.

Fundraisers (Virginia Borland): Bill Minifie will perform November 28!

Communications:  The Clergy page on the website has been updated.  Sermons are now available online.  The Triangle Theatre’s Tartuffe announcement has been posted.

Wardens’  Report (Jean Geater):  Erlinda Brent has raised in excess of $84K in space rentals—see handout!

  • Fr. Mark closed the meeting with a prayer.

Faithfully submitted,

James Daubs, Clerk