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Our link with the Parish of St. Stephen with St. John, Westminster

The Church of the Holy Trinity has begun (in 2016) a new link with the Parish of St. Stephen with St. John, Westminster.  St. Stephen's is located in Rochester Row, geographically between Westminster Abbey and Westminster (Roman Catholic) Catherdal.  

For many years, the Diocese of London and the Diocese of New York have had a close relationship, and a number of our parishes, clergy and people have links with our Anglican brothers and sisters in that other great world city.

In 2016, The Rt Revd Andrew Dietsche, Bishop of New York, was installed as an Honorary Canon of St Paul’s Cathedral, in part to celebrate our co-operation in exploring how to be effective in mission with the particular challenges and opportunities our two cities present. 

Parishioners who travel to London are invited to stop in St. Stephen with St. John and visit.  When parishioners from London visit New York, we hope they will visit Holy Trinity.  If they make themselves known, perhaps we can organize a meal or other social occasion together.  In the years ahead, Father Beddingfield (Holy Trinity) and Father Buckley (St. Stephen with St. John) will look for opportunities to visit one another and perhaps preach, teach, and visit in one another's parishes.  

If you have ideas about strengthening or deepening our link with St. Stephen with St. John, please let us know.