Rectory & Rhinelander Bldg

Vestry Meeting

September 19, 2011

Present: Rector The Rev. Michael Phillips, David Jacobs, Virginia Borland, Lucy Dewart, Rob Ingraham, Alden Prouty, Carol Haley, Marlin Mattson, Susan Valdes-Dapena, Hal Barth, Lilly Fellow The Rev. R.C. Laird, Treasurer John Ewing, Warden Steve Knight, Warden Jean Geater, Clerk James Daubs

Absent: Suzanne Julig, Andrew Ogletree

Spiritual Reflection

Steve Knight presented a Spiritual Reflection.  October’s Spiritual Reflection will be offered by Carol Haley; November’s by Susan Valdes-Dapena; December’s by Rob Ingraham.

July Minutes were not yet available for review and approval.

Treasurer’s Report (John Ewing)

John presented “the long and short” of CHT’s financial situation:  more money has been withdrawn from the General Fund than expected, and there will be more yet withdrawn this FY. CHT is under about $50K in pledging; we have overspent on staff overtime, music programs, and the physical plant. We shall have withdrawn some $200K rather than $70K from the General Fund.

Our most important short-term steps are:

  • Meet pledge goals; send reminders to parishioners monthly
  • Set limits on the spending on the music program
  • Follow-up on Budget Committee’s earlier recommendations
  • Begin budgeting for FY12 NOW

Much discussion ensued; the Treasurer’s Report was unanimously approved.

Rhinelander Volunteer Project (R.C. Laird)

R.C. reported that 5 RVP volunteers are in residence on the 3rd floor of Rhinelander House and that all are working at their respective sites. Orientation was delayed by Hurricane Irene, but has occurred, and an account has been opened at TD Bank for which the volunteers are responsible.

The Advisory Board for the RVP consists of Liz Poole, chair; Dan Shockley, Esq.; Michael Phillips; The Rev. Richard Witt; The Rev. Yejide Peters.

Committee Reports

Property (Rob Ingraham):  Robert reported an inability to make contact with Diane about the gym/Thrift Shop situation on the 3rd floor of St. Christopher House, and much discussion ensued about possible solutions. Everyone acknowledged that enormous progress had been made in cleaning out the area, but financial and other details are still unclear.

It was moved that Virginia Borland, Hal Barth, and John Ewing speak to Diane about reaching closure on the gym situation and report back to the Vestry at the October meeting.  Diane will be asked to produce receipts.  This motion was passed unanimously EXCEPT for one abstention.

Membership Development (Steve Knight): A Newcomers’ Brunch will be held at the Rectory October 30.

Neighborhood Ministries (Lucy Dewart):  Since the church is unavailable due to construction, an Oktoberfest will be held in the parish hall in lieu of a Haunted House. This will take place October 29.

Pledge Campaign (Steve Knight):  This year’s goal will be $350K. Pledge Campaign leadership will include Michael Phillips, Jean Geater, Steve Knight, Rob Ingraham, and Jim Synk. The Campaign will run October 16-November 20.

The committee will be reaching out to CHT’s top 10 donors.

The committee will be commissioned during the 10:30 a.m. service October 16; on October 17, a mailing will go out to the congregation containing (a) a letter from the Wardens, (b) an e-pledge form, and (c) a pledge card.

Steve asked for and hopes for 100% pledge participation from the Vestry. The following assignments were made for lectern (“eagle”) pitches about the Campaign:

  • Susan Valdes-Dapena  October 30
  • Virginia Borland  October 23
  • Carol Haley  November 6
  • Hal Barth  October 23 (8 a.m. and 6 p.m.)
  • Jean Geater and Steve Knight   November 20

Adult Christian Education (James Daubs): The syllabus is set for the remainder of the calendar year and has been published.

Communications (David Jacobs):  There is an advisory committee meeting coming up; the e-newsletter is starting up.  The committee is looking for an inexpensive printer. 

Carpenter’s Kids (Susan Valdes-Dapena): Susan would like to see communication between the children in our parish and the children in Chitelela.  Yvonne O’Neal will give a presentation before the beginning of the Carpenter’s Kids drive.

Children/Youth (Lucy Dewart):  There was a Sunday School Summit in August. 15 children are enrolled in Sunday School.

Fundraisers (Virginia Borland): A wine-tasting fundraiser will be held October 14, “A Tour of Italy.” An art tour of Madison Avenue galleries will be held October 22 with Suzanne Julig.

Wardens’ Report

  • Volunteers to introduce Triangle Theatre productions:  Lucy Dewart September 23, Jean Geater September 24; November 18-19 unassigned.
  • The 9/11 ACE discussion was deemed a success
  • There will be a Vestry Potluck Dinner October 1 at the Rectory 

Rector’s Report

  • The pastoral canvass is ready to launch except for minor technical difficulties.
  • The After-School Program is operating with 9 children attending. Mary Ausman is being paid on a per-child basis.
  • Dinushka DaSilva will have a streamlined discernment committee process while at CHT, having completed much of the process at the Church of the Epiphany. She will attend the October Vestry meeting.
  • Michael sought approval for participation in a food-pantry arrangement with local grocers, under the terms of which pantries receive near-expired food.  Michael asked for two conditions:  the pick-up be done by CHT sextons, and MP wants to speak with participating vendor representatives.  The motion for participating was approved unanimously.


Michael closed the meeting with a prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

James Daubs, Clerk