Rectory & Rhinelander Bldg

Vestry Meeting

September 17, 2012

Present:  Treasurer John Ewing, Susan Walker, Rob Ingraham, Hal Barth, Carol Haley, The Rev. Paul Feuerstein, Warden Dave Jacobs, Warden Jean Geater, Virginia Borland, Inez Lambert, Jeanne Blazina, Suzanne Julig, Clerk James Daubs.

Absent:  Judith Jones, Marlin Mattson, Eddy Coston.

  • Paul Feuerstein opened the meeting with a prayer.
  • Susan Walker shared a Spiritual Reflection.
  • July Vestry Minutes were approved (with revisions) UNANIMOUSLY.

Treasurer’s Report (John Ewing)

(See handouts.) The good news:  the steps we’ve taken are having a salutary effect:  it will be an “OK year.” At the end of the year, we will probably have a $130-150K deficit, much preferable to last years’ $230K. Pledges are exactly on-target at this point in the year (unlike last fall).  The Rhinelander Volunteer Program breaks even, not counting forfeited apartment income.  Apartment income at end of year will be about what we earlier projected.  Music fund drive has yielded about $14K, but with more en route.

HTNC Financial Report (John Ewing)

John Ewing will assume the mantle of HTNC Treasurer with the departure of Ruth Fisher from this post.  He reports that HTNC has only $3K in the bank, up from less than $1K a week ago; $30K would be normal at this point in the year.  Given its relative lack of funds, the HTNC Board is asking CHT to forgive the $3K they currently owe to the church for the Rhinelander Volunteer Program.  The Vestry voted UNANIMOUSLY to forgive this debt.  Paul Feuerstein asked if HTNC should consider changing banks, since many banks give donations to non-profits. 

HTNC Non-Financial Report (Carol Haley)

HTNC Board has two requests of the Vestry: (a) That HTNC assume programmatic control of all their outreach programs; these have been only titularly controlled by the Vestry, and their being run by HTNC seems to make more sense.  (b) That—as per bylaws—3 Vestrypersons serve on the HTNC Board at any given time.  Next action (approved by Vestry):  HTNC will come back to Vestry with a charter that carefully delineates roles and responsibilities of each body. 

Clergy Search Committee (Inez Lambert)

The proposed membership list of the Search Committee was circulated, and a motion made to accept it.  Result:  2 NO’s, 2 ABSTENTIONS, the rest AYE’s.

Eucharistic Ministry (Paul Feuerstein)

Arlene Bullard at the diocesan office has been out on medical leave.  After the last Vestry meeting, 6 applications went in to the diocesan office for processing.  Eucharistic Visitation requires a separate license, and information about it does not seem to appear on the New York Diocese website.  Similar information from the Diocese of Albany will be forwarded to Fr. Mark Collins.

Committee Reports

Children and Youth (Jeanne Blazina):  Fr. Mark is apparently interested in children’s programs.  The whole program at CHT has to be reorganized.  Currently, there are no other Sunday School teachers other than Jeanne B.

Hospitality (Hal Barth):  Senior Lunch has no regular cook at the moment.  Vestry approved Hal’s asking Lydia Colon if she would be interested in serving as cook at least in the short term and ascertaining how much pay she would require.

Fundraising/Special Events (Virginia Borland):  Many fun events on the roster! 

  • Art Tour (reprise)
  • Bill Minifie Cabaret (reprise)
  • Stained Glass Tour and Tea
  • Sock Hop
  • Post-Greening Dinner
  • Poetry Reading (with Triangle Theatre)
  • Carl Schurz Park Tour (reprise) 

Communications (Dave Jacobs):  Communications of all sorts continue to improve. Erlinda is now successfully proficient in Vertical Response, our email distribution service for direct online Parish Communications. 

Special Events:  Suzanne Julig continues to work with location scouts. 

Wardens’ Report

  • Music Budget:  Danny Beckwith will spend $6K of $20K pledged on last year’s deficit; he has devised a music budget of about $14K from October through Christmas this year.  This will be discussed at the October Vestry meeting
  • Thrift Shop:  Diane Kaufhold will limit donations to two days per week.  Sales are good, but the donations never seem to taper off. 
  • Altar Sound System is installed!  We’ve had 2 Sundays of use for amplifier and microphone; recorded sermons will soon be on website.
  • Diocesan Convention Delegates:  The Vestry UNANIMOUSLY approved Yvonne O’Neal and Virginia Borland as delegates, with Alden Prouty as an alternate. 
  • Utilities Sharing:  All apartments are rented except Penthouse in Rhinelander House.
  • The Rev. Mark Collins’ Letter of Agreement was read into the minutes. (Available to parishioners by request).

The meeting was adjourned with a prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

James Daubs, Clerk