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Preaching is the art of listening to God in community. At Holy Trinity, the clergy feel privileged to preach as co-listeners with all who worship here. Together, we seek to hear the “Word of God” through engaged contemplation of scripture, history, contemporary society, and our own life experiences. As you become part of the listening community, we welcome you gladly and pray that God will nurture, challenge, surprise, and delight you.

Here you will find a few sermons in either written or audio MP3 format, or both. The written sermons may be slightly different from the words actually heard in the preaching moment. Many clergy at Holy Trinity do not preach from fully written texts and only later recollect their words into the written sermons offered here. Others may choose slightly to revise their sermons. Or, if you were present when the sermon was given and hear something dissimilar now, God may be speaking something new to you. And to us. 

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