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HTNC Volunteer Opportunities

Holy Trinity Neighborhood Center (HTNC) is the outreach arm of the Church of the Holy Trinity, and seeks to involve caring neighbors of every faith -- or no faith at all -- in our efforts to serve those in need in our community. HTNC could never accomplish so much outreach to the neighboring community without the dedicated support of many, many volunteers. We welcome volunteers from any background and with any amount of time to spare on afternoons, weekends, evenings, or even just every once in awhile. Serving others is the heart of our mission and ministry, and many volunteers find that their own lives are enriched immeasurably by helping others. Here are the main types of HTNC's outreach and suggested time commitments. For more information, please email

Program When/Where Activities Time Commitment

Homeless Shelter Most Evenings Stay overnight with guests in St. Christopher's House. At least 1 night/month

Neighborhood Supper


Senior Lunch


Meal Delivery 

Every Saturday
3-6:30 PM


Oct - May


Weekend before Thanksgiving through T'giving Day 

Prepare and serve simple restaurant-style meal to as many as 120 hungry guests in St. Christopher's House.

Cooks, servers, and clean-up volunteers


Clean, prep, slice and dice, package, deliver meals 

Volunteers invited any and every Saturday, no minimum time commitment.

1-3 hours on Tuesdays from 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

See the special schedule on the Thanksgiving Dinner page

For more information on each of these programs, visit the program's individual pages by clicking the links to the left or visiting HTNC's webpage at