Environmental Ministry

Join others to make a difference.

The Environmental Ministry committee and the members of our environmentally mindful congregation recognize that as Christians we have a unique, integral, and spiritual relationship with our environment. Believing we are stewards of our environment we are putting faith into action. We are ready, willing, and able to implement the ideas that will help Holy Trinity to protect natural resources, reduce energy use, and costs, and to engage our community, and youth in these efforts. For more information or to get involved, contact barbarawrefaith@gmail.com

We invite you to join us. Here are a few recommended links to explore:

Earth Day (1st Earth Day: April 22, 1970; environmental partnership now in 193 countries) https://www.earthday.org/

Grow NYC (the sustainability resource for New Yorkers) https://www.grownyc.org/

Project Farmhouse (a state-of-the-art sustainability center and event space) https://www.projectfarmhouse.org/

DSNY Zero Waste Program (committing to sending zero waste to landfills) https://www1.nyc.gov/assets/dsny/site/our-work/zero-waste

The Episcopal Church's Care of Creation Ministry https://www.episcopalchurch.org/creation-care

Book: A Life of Grace for the Whole World (House of Bishops' Pastoral Teaching on the Environment) https://graceforcreation.org/

The Anglican Communion Environment Network (in over 165 countries) https://acen.anglicancommunion.org/

The Season of Creation (Christians of all traditions on six continents) http://seasonofcreation.org

Green Faith, Interfaith Partners In Action for the Earth (an interfaith coalition for the environment) https://greenfaith.org/#