Rectory Preservation


After two years of meetings, hearings, and applications, the special permit sought by our new next-door neighbor, Advantage Testing, Inc., (under Section 74-711 of the NYC Zoning Resolution) has been approved. Because Holy Trinity's rectory is an historic landmark, the 74-711 is contingent upon Advantage Testing's commitment to undertake preservation work on the rectory before completing renovation of the Rhinelander building and moving its offices and foundation.

Over the next year or so, exterior work will be done on the rectory to remedy chronic water issues (including new copper flashing, new gutter work, some new pointing of bricks, and some terra cotta replacement.  The photos below show some of the areas to be addressed.)  In addition to the legal team and consultants hired by Advantage, Holy Trinity is grateful to our neighbors, friends, colleagues, and all those who have offered advice and support through this process.

For more information on this process, please contact the parish office at 212-289-4100 or send an email to