Please take the renewalworks online spiritual life inventory

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Renewal Works is a program that helps a parish think about who it is, who is wants to be, and how to begin moving towards that new place of faith.  From September 16 through October 7, Holy Trinity will be participating in the Renewal Works Spiritual Life Inventory.  Everyone who attends our parish or is any way attached will be encouraged to take an online survey. 

1.  Please allow 30 to 45 minutes for thoughtfully filling out the survey.
2.  Some questions will probably not allow you to answer the way you truly want-- just answer as close as possible. 
3.  Complete the survey in one sitting.
4.  Notice where it makes you think, or question. 

The direct link for the Spiritual Life Inventory (the survey) is HERE

More about RenewalWorks can be found HERE.