Supporting Holy Trinity
As children of a loving God, we know that we are blessed by God in myriad and bountiful ways. We are blessed by our creation and the bounty of the earth, our island home. We are blessed by the call of God to believe and to serve one another. We are blessed by the salvation offered us through the Incarnation of God's Son, Jesus Christ, and by his resurrection through which we too will be granted eternal life. We are blessed by our ancestors in the faith, those who have founded and fostered the Church of theHoly Trinity throughout its storied history -- providing us with a spiritual home, a place of loving acceptance, and glorious praise.  All these blessings compel us to be generous to our God and to God's Church in return. Make your thanksgiving known by making a Pledge commitment, a payment on an existing Pledge, or by a one-time donation to the Church of the Holy Trinity.

More about Pledging

It is the tradition in Episcopal Church for members of a particular parish to make an annual financial commitment to the church. Called a Pledge, these commitments are solicited in the fall, to commence in January of the following year. By making a Pledge, parishioners allow the Vestry and clergy to plan the worship, ministries, parish administration and fellowship activities for the coming year, sure of the level of financial support available. Pledgers are fully enfranchised members of the parish, and are eligible to vote at our Annual Meeting each January, where our lay leadership is chosen. (In order to vote in parish elections, a member must be a 'donor of record' for at least one year prior to the date of the voting.)

Pledges are commitments, but they are not irrevocable. On occasion, parishioners need to temporarily halt, amend or end their pledges. If this is the case, a call to the parish clergy is all that it takes. Or, if you prefer, drop a letter in the mail. We'll adjust your Pledge immediately, and offer a word of support and prayer if you so desire.

Other Forms of Support

Financial support is just one way that you can support our mission. Through sharing your time in volunteering for our many ministries and in sharing your expertise -- as a professional, or simply as a loving, caring child of God, support us by sharing of your time and talents. Click on the options on the left of this page for more about volunteering at CHT.

Thank you and may God's blessing by manifest in you so that your light and your life may reflect the bounty God has shown to all of his loving children.

We are grateful for any support-- whether that is volunteering your time, contributing your expertise and know-how, or making a donation or ongoing pledge.